This Week in Mobile (Dec 25)

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This Week in Mobile (Dec 25)

Take a break from the festivities and see what's going on in the mobile world

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This week we have a little festive fun with Apple Pencil as well as some great articles around animation, and maybe the solution to your Android app startup slowdowns.


It doesn't get more festive than knocking over Christmas trees right? Simon Gladman continues his iPad experiments by creating an Apple Pencil Controller Christmas Tree Bowling Game with SceneKit.

It can be tempting to use guard in Swift, however you should be able of When (not) to use guard.

Details matter - harnessing the power of Core Animation shows how Stripe Checkout achieves their subtle movements. 

Here's an excellent Swift String Cheat Sheet to keep within reach when working on your apps.

Some interesting projects to check out 

  • Whisper: a component that will make the task of display messages and in-app notifications simple

  • MaterialKit: a beautiful Material Design framework in Swift

  • IDZSwiftCommonCrypto: a wrapper for Apple's Common Crypto library written in Swift

  • MBMotion: some really nice motion effects for your Swift apps


Bringing structure and discipline into your projects can be a challenge. Learn How to help developers with custom Lint rules

Did you know that Android's multidex slows down app startup?

Another great series on reactive programming that I almost missed, Crunching RxAndroid has got to the fifth and final article.

There's a lot of great new features in Google Play Services 8.4, including email app invites and Map API improvements.

Some projects to check out: 


Interface Animation: The Force of Motion goes into greate detail about the importance of animation in app design.

Facebook Design have published a journey in design and storytelling with Designing Facebook Collage.

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