This Week in Mobile: Getting a Handle on Android Architecture Components

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This Week in Mobile: Getting a Handle on Android Architecture Components

Find out how to use Android Architecture Components for your existing SQLite based or Firebase app, and get a handle on measuring units on iOS.

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As things wind down in the corporate world for another year, a lot of developers will be looking to work on their side projects over the holidays. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration, and new things to experiment with, in this week’s issue. 


The Firebase blog have started up a series on Using Android Architecture Components with Firebase Realtime Database. Speaking of Architecture Components, here is some good advices on how to Incrementally Migrate from SQLite to Room

Nick Butcher gives some lessons on how to apply real maths to your animations on Android in  Playing With Paths

Everyone uses RecyclerView, but do you use it properly? Here are some pro-tips to get make sure you do. Add in a little Kotlin, and things get even better. 

Some projects to check out:

  • daggraph: Dagger dependency graph generator 

Sorry, it’s been a quieter than usual this week for fresh libraries!


TensorFlow is a great library that allows you create a deep learning model for your needs. This post shows how you can Integrate a TensorFlow Model in an iOS app, effectively converting the model into CoreML.  

Measuring units is an essential part of software development, even it it seems a bit boring. NSMeasurement is the API to achieve this, and here is the perfect intro to it. 

Screen Navigation in iOS goes through some different navigation options, from simple cases to testable, domain-specific and module to module options. 

Planning a change in jobs for the new year? Get studying these 50 iOS Interview Questions and Answers.

Some projects to check out: 

  • Ease: Animate everything with ease 
  • CollectionKit: A modern Swift framework for building reusable data-driven collection components
  • fluid-slider: A slider widget with a popup bubble displaying the precise value selected 


Looking for something different? Maybe you want to start a podcast. Here are some lessons learned from someone who has gone for 0 to 50,000 listens on their own production.

Tables are everywhere, but they tend to be inconsistent in places. Designing Tables for Reusability tells the story of planning, user testing, and finding a good solution.

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