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This Week in Mobile Development: App Cross-Promotion, In-App Purchases, and Mobile Gaming

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This Week in Mobile Development: App Cross-Promotion, In-App Purchases, and Mobile Gaming

Gaming is just getting bigger all the time. Here's a look at the latest in mobile development, from game life cycles, app cross-promotion, and free-to-play games!

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This week’s blog section has tips on app cross-promotion, game life cycles and Saudi Arabia. Read on to find out about tiny data, in-app purchases and Free-to-play games. You can’t miss it!

Google Play Gamer IDs, the needed mobile revolution and the completion of the King acquisition dominate this week’s news section!


App Portfolios and Strategic Cross Promotion

This Week in Mobile Development!image via mobiledevmemo.com

Cross promotion between your apps and games is a good way to grow your user base but it also has an added benefit. Successful cross-promotion can also help you to build a user base for future apps and games. Find out how to build your app portfolio and take advantage of your cross-promoted userbase.

An Introduction to Game Life Cycle

This Week in Mobile Development!image via gamasutra.com

In order to successfully build a strong base of players, you need to understand every part of your game cycle. Check out this guide and find out how to improve every part of your onboarding funnel. You’ll learn how players go from seeing your app icon to becoming the whales that make your game profitable.

Saudi Arabia’s Mobile-Gaming Whales Want What’s Hot — Even if it’s in Another Language

This Week in Mobile Development!image via Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabians love their mobile games and have a core group of big spenders that are waiting for the next big hit. Along with that, they don’t care if they can easily understand mobile games as long as they have what’s popular. If you’re looking for a foreign market with a low barrier to entry, then Saudi Arabia should be top of your list.

Using Tiny Data to Engage Mobile App Users in Real Time

This Week in Mobile Development!image via appdevelopermagazine.com

Good Data can help you to improve every part of your app or game and it’s the tiny data that’s most useful. Tiny data lets you get a clear picture of how users acquire and interact with your app. Big data often obscures these finer points. Djamel Agaoua, Senior Vice President, Cheetah Mobile/Cheetah Ad Platform says that the best way to get tiny data is to view it in real-time.

Mobile Gamers 6x More Likely to Pay in Another Game After Initial In-app Purchase, Study Says

This Week in Mobile Development!image via fiercedeveloper.com

According to Soomla, once a mobile gamer has completed an in-app purchase, they’re more likely to repeat this action, and quick payers (those who completed their first in-app purchase within 24 hours of installing an app) are nine times more likely to pay in another game. Find out more about the study and get the best insight into how players decide to pay out.

Why Success With F2P Mobile Games Now Requires More Innovation in Gameplay Than Meta Game

This Week in Mobile Development!image via pocketgamer.biz

The metagame is what keeps players grinding away to improve themselves and gives a game a sense of progress. Many mobile games are guilty of using metagame to guide players to in-app purchases and leaving core gaming behind. According to Torulf Jernström, innovation in core gaming is what will lead to success in the future.


Custom Gamer IDs Now Rolling Out to Google Play Games

This Week in Mobile Development!

You’ll no longer need a Google+ account to access Play Games. Google will be rolling out new Custom Gamer IDs in the next few weeks and will allow users to choose from 40+ custom avatars. The new system will allow users to play new games easier as well with an auto sign-in feature. You’ll also be able to decide if your gamer profile will be public or private.

image via androidauthority.com

Mobile Ad Industry Still Waiting for “Revolution”

This Week in Mobile Development!

As the world’s biggest influencers meet at Mobile World Congress 2016, advertising executives are lamenting the lack of investment by companies into the mobile game and app industry. According to Martin Sorrell, WPP chief executive, there is still a lot of room for advertising to grow in the mobile industry and there will need to be a revolution at some point where advertisers realise the potential of the mobile industry.

image via mobileworldlive.com

Activision Blizzard Adds a Few Hundred Million Users As it Closes $5.9B King Acquisition

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The King acquisition by Activision Blizzard has finally gone through for 5.9 billion dollars and means that Activision Blizzard has now acquired 500 million new users. King will remain an independent unit but joins the Activision Blizzard catalogue of over 2000 games.

image via Activision Blizzard

This Week in Mobile Development!

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