This Week in Mobile: Digesting WWDC, Android N APIs, and More

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This Week in Mobile: Digesting WWDC, Android N APIs, and More

Most of the mobile news this week surrounds WWDC. But we've still got news around the last Android N developer preview and more!

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It was the biggest week of the year for iOS developers, with announcements on what's coming up in iOS 10, as well as some much-needed changes to WatchOS 3.  


Did you realize that Siri integration is limited to six use cases in iOS10? I'm sure it'll be opened further soon. 

At WWDC we found out about an update to an update to UIKit animations, with UIViewPropertyAnimator. Here's a quick look at how it works.

With you new extensions available, you can now create your own iMessage apps. Here are the steps required to create one with emojis.

If you missed out on the announcement, here are more details on the do-over that Apple Watch has received with the new watchOS3.

Daniel Eggert talks about how to use Core Data in your Swift application in Modern Core Data.

Also from Realm, check out DZone MVB, Simon Gladman's, talk on Advanced Core Image.

Some projects to check out:

  • PinpointKit: send better feedback

  • Cleanse: Lightweight Swift Dependency Injection framework

  • Scrollable-Graph-View: An adaptive scrollable graph view for iOS to visualize simple discrete datasets

  • MotionMachine: A powerful, elegant and modular animation library for Swift.

If you haven't watched the keynote yet, why not play it in the background while working on your new apps!

Finally, here's an Xcode color scheme based on the WWDC 2016 invitation. 


The Android N APIs are now final, so you can start getting your apps set for deployment. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the details of behavior changes in this release. 

I/O 2016: Our Definitive Guide to Design compiles all the main design-related talks from this year's conference.

The Android Developer Blog has advice how to used the refreshed Notifications in Android N.

Some projects to check out: 

  • AndroidPhotoFilters: AndroidPhotoFilters aims to provide fast, powerful and flexible image processing instrument for creating awesome effects on any image media.

  • PinLockView: A clean, minimal, highly customizable pin lock view

  • LeafPic: LeafPic is an ad-free, open-source and material-designed android gallery alternative

  • AnimatedSvgView: Animated SVG Drawing for Android


When designing a large app can be overwhelming. Vera Kern shows how you can use a simple wall to keep everyone on track.

Designing in Color shows you how you can use the most powerful tool in your design toolbox to the best effect.

ProductHunt have compiled a list of seven tools that can help launch your startup. 

Here is The Complete List of User Experience Resources & Tools. With over 100 links in here, there's bound to be something new for you.

Finally, here are 8 albums that are perfect to code along with.

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