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This Week in Mobile (Feb 12)

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If you've ever worried that the app bubble will burst, this article might put your mind at easy, with estimates that the worldwide app store revenue will reach $101 billion in five years. So, what can you learn today to help you get a slice of that? 


For reactive programming with Swift you might want to check out RxSwift at first sight.

Apple open-sourced the Swift Benchmark Suite, allowing everyone to contribute to performance improvement.

In Swift Protocols and the Promised Land explains the intricacies of what you might expect as an Objective-C developer and what really happens. 

There's a huge surge in Parse replacement articles and tutorials. This one shows how to create an app like Twitter using CloudKit in place of Parse 

Some great projects: 


When it comes to making an app that will last, you'll need a decent architecture. Read this Detailed Guide on Developing Android apps using the Clean Architecture Pattern.

A lot of Java developers are drawn to Kotlin, so check out this two part Brass Tacks Experiment (part 1, part 2) to see what it's all about. 

Here are 10 things you didn't know about Android's Service component.

I've had mixed experiences with beacon technology, and always felt it was annoying that you had to have a decidicated app to get the most out of the technology. Chrome 49 for Android changes that for the better.

The Android is the World Phone talk will show you how Android apps can have the biggest social impact on the world.

Some projects that I found during the week: 

If you're looking for more projects, tools and libraries, take a look at Android Arsenal.


Looking to start up a design career? Check out An Open Letter to Newbie Designers

Traction is the key word when you approach venture capitalists. Josh Elman is an expert growth hacker, so his article on Building your growth model and Ladder of Engagement deserves your attention.

I'll admit, I'm one of the native-first people, but it doesn't have to be that way always. Jonas Downey has a great article about how he created his mobile app by starting out with a webpage.

Have you seen Lumberyard from Amazon - a free game engine integrated with AWS and Twitch?

Have you had issues finding the balance between startup and family life? Ev Williams shares his thoughts on Growing kids and growing companies.

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