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This Week in Mobile (Feb 19)

Our weekly roundup of the most interesting news and projects for app developers.

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This week we have some great tips on app redesign, code practices and localization, along with the usual selection of new projects for iOS and Android. 


Spotify is probably the most used app on my iPhone, so I was very interested to see their talk about Redesigning the Spotify iOS App. There are some great insights in here that could help your own mobile app's architecture.

You'll know Simon Gladman from his excellent Swift articles here at DZone. His book on Core Image for Swift is now available for pre-order on iBooks and is due for release on March 1st. 

Check out The Prolific Interactive Swift Style Guide and make your code the best it can be.

With so many Watch apps that are off the mark, check out this advice for Watch Apps Worth Making.

There are a number of presentations from the dotSwift conference now available on YouTube. Why not start with Localization is Hard (because it is!) 

Using Xcode Bots can be a pretty rewarding exercise. Read the article to find out more! 

Some projects for you to take a look at over the weekend: 

  • EPShapes: Design shapes in Interface Builder

  • 30DaysofSwift: A self-taught project to learn Swift

  • Stevia: Elegant view layout for iOS

  • reel-search: A controller that allows you to choose options from a list


Square have been leaders in mobile app development for quite some time, so it's worth watching Crash Fast: Square's Approach to Android Crashes

Learn how to create your first Firebase (a good Parse replacement!) app on Android in this new video tutorial.

Startup times are a killer, and you can never save too many seconds. See how the New York Times Improved their Startup Time

While on the topic of performance, see how you can Optimize Layouts in Android by Reducing Overdraw.

Some projects for you to try this weekend: 


Astro Teller, leader of X at Google, shares The Secret to Moonshots.    

If you're building an app, you should follow the Golden Rules of User Interface Design

Worst. Day. Ever. When you find that Your App Became Irrelevant Overnight. It's a tough market out there, and when the big players build something that does what you do, you might just fall into the abyss. 

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