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This Week in Mobile (Feb 26)

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This week I happened to stumble across a lot of articles about Apple TV development. Has it become the new favorite plaything for development teams? 


Every developer will need to write a library for their Android app eventually, so what should you watch out for? Learn all about it in Developing Android Libraries.

Slow build times? Here are 6 tips to speed up your Gradle build 

Cold starts have plagued Java developers for decades. You want to avoid this on your Android apps, so it's worth reading this article on the topic. 

Need more Android news? Check out appydroid, an open source online news magazine about Android apps. 

Some projects for you to check out this weekend: 

  • SearchView - persistent search view in Material Design

  • jlog - useful log tool for Android developers


If you want to get into Apple TV development, it's best to learn from the source. You'll be happy to see that Apple have published their Apple TV Tech Talk videos covering everything from design to distribution. 

While on the topic, Airbnb have an article on Mastering the tvOS Focus Engine, while Sally Shepard talks about Developing Apps for Apple TV.  

Finally, learn how to share your code between tvOS and iOS. 

Onboarding is a tough process, and we often feature articles that cover best practices. The guys at LaunchKit have put together a clever piece on How iOS9's Safari View Controller could completely change you app's onboarding experience.

Looking for a conference to attend this year? Check out 7 of the Best Mac & iOS Developer Conferences in 2016.

And now for some projects:

  • EarlGrey - an iOS UI Automation Test Framework from Google 

  • vapor  - an elegant web framework for Swift

  • Hue - the only all-in-one coloring utility that you'll ever need

  • parallel_ios_tests - Run iOS tests on multiple simulators in parallel 


You want to stay ahead of the curve right? Chris Dixon's thoughts on What's Next in Computing might be the inspiration for what you need to build to stay ahead. 

Learn how the Scaling Knowledge at Airbnb is accomplished by their data team.
HubSpot's Playbook for Going from Startup to Scale will help you think about how to get real traction for your startup.

Jason Toff learned a lot of lessons (26!) while working as GM at Vine. Top of the list is how Telling a good story is everything. Find out what else you should know

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