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This Week in Mobile (Feb 5)

Our weekly update with the latest news and projects for app developers.

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This week we have rundowns of open source libraries for your iOS projects, advice on when to move to Swift, improving your Android build footprint and much more! 


Take a look at these 27 iOS open source libraries to skyrocket your development, covering everything from the user interface to unit testing and in-app purchases.

Every good developer does some profiling of their application. Learn more about the tools waiting for you in Xcode in iOS App Performance: Instruments & Beyond.

Unsure about whether to move to Swift, leaving Objective-C behind you? Ben Sandofsky covers the risks and rewards in Is It Time for Swift?

Some projects you should check out this week: 

  • Yep: A lightweight social networking app
  • AudioKit: Open-source audio synthesis, processing, & analysis platform.
  • SpreadButton: A button that works as a menu, spreading out sub buttons in a circular pattern.
  • Freddy: A reusable framework for parsing JSON in Swift.


Has the size of your APK got a little too unwieldy? Put it on a diet with Shrinking Your Build With No Rules, using ClassyShark. 

Thinking about using RxAndroid? Check out this two-part series about The Reactive Revolution (part 1 and part 2). 

The Android Developers YouTube channel has a great list of Tips for Success on Google Play

See how SharedPreferences is your answer to simple storage. in this step by step article, part of the Android Development Patterns series.

Ben Hall talks about Implementing Google's Material Design UI Guidelines.

Some Android projects for you to check out: 


Curious about how some people have all the luck? Read 8 Ways Billionaires & Elite Athletes Perform At The Highest Level.

ProductHunt went Inside the Mind of Aaron Levie: Founder and CEO of Box  in a recent live chat. Read the questions and answers here.

Still have that Parse shutdown on your mind? Read about Parse and the Culture of "Free." 

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