This Week in Mobile - Jan 15

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This Week in Mobile - Jan 15

Swift on Android, creating SDKs that developers will love, and bringing your app to a larger audience; it's just another week in the mobile world.

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There's so much stuff going on at the moment. Google I/O has been set for May 18th-20th, taking place in Mountain View rather than San Francisco. Apple are preparing Swift 2.2 for release so that they can get version 3 ready for beta in WWDC. And as always there is a wealth of interesting new projects and insightful articles published about the mobile development world.


As people's phones get cluttered with apps, the search has become more and more important. Make your app stand out with by watching Jack Nutting Integrating with iOS System Search

New year, new job? Natasha the Robot, who runs a newsletter you really should subscribe to,  has launched a Swift Jobs board. If you're in the hunt for a new challenge, or want to hire developers, this is the place to do it!

Weird news of the week? This port of Apple's Swift toolchain to Android. Ambitious, and just a bit crazy!

The Google Developers channel has a five minute talk about Animating Constraints in Your iOS App. If it's something you've been struggling with, you'll appreciate the consise, simple help.

There's a new version of Swift on the way, and now that it's open source, Apple are being transparent about the whole process. Don't worry, Swift 2.2. won't be too disruptive - that's being saved for Swift 3!

Have you ever agonized about your app update frequency? Ken Yarmosh has put together his theories in his article,  How Often Should You Update Your App?

And finally, here are the projects of the week: 


We're all familiar with Twitter's Fabric SDK, and it's considered a great example of a quality SDK. Hear some great advice from Ty Smith about how they made it happen in Building First-Class Android SDKs

Does dealing with Android versions get you down? Worried about forward compatability? You should read this article about Picking your compileSdkVersion, minSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion.

If you're looking how to create games across all mobile devices, you should take a look at Unreal Match 3 (for Android and iOS) - it shows you everything that's possible! The team have also released another preview version of their Unreal Engine for early adopters to check out. And if you're thinking of building a game, check out these Four Steps to Bringing Your Game Idea to Life.

Michael Evans has provides a set of tips and tricks to help you get the most from Android Studio.

Here are our Android projects of the week: 


No matter what you're building, gaining traction is critical. Growth hacking is your friend here, so check out this list of Proven Growth Hacking Ideas for 2016 and go make your millions! 

Having some kind of software development process is critical and most of us default to SCRUM. However, you might want to read how one team found that Ditching Scrum for Kanban was the Best Decision 

Every software developer looks enviously at the benefits that other software companies offer, even if you've already got it pretty good. Jason Fried outlines some of the Employee Benefits at Basecamp

Finally check out some product predictions for 2016 and read about 11 Tools that a Head of Product Uses Every Week

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