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This Week in Mobile: The Booming App Economy

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This Week in Mobile: The Booming App Economy

Ever wondered what the numbers and trends are behind the iOS economy are? You’ll find out in this week’s links, plus helpful mobile development tools and libraries.

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Building custom views in Android gives you great power, but if you’re stuck on how to get started with this, here is one of the best tutorials I’ve found on it.

Android Strings XML Tips & Tricks brings you through some important notes if you’re thinking of making your app translatable (or just centralizing strings).

What I Learned from Cloning the Uber App is an interesting view into one developer’s journey of discovery when trying to follow in Uber’s footsteps. 

Some projects to check out: 

  • jadx: Dex to Java Decompiler.
  • TableView: A powerful Android library for displaying complex data structures and rendering tabular data composed for rows, columns, and cells.
  • AndroidGodEye: A performance monitor tool for Android(not limited to performance data) , you can easily monitor the performance of your app in real time in a PC browser.

And for those who have missed the listings from the last few weeks, here’s a great list of 25 New Android Libraries and Projects to Check in 2018.


Here’s a fascinating look at The iOS Economy from Horace Dediu. The short version is that it’s booming, but you’ve got to see the numbers yourself to believe it! 

Implementing design patterns successfully is a great feeling, especially when they are useful. Here’s how to use The Strategy Pattern in iOS Apps.

Mapping, Reducing and Zipping - all ways that you can Transform Collections in Swift, expertly explained by John Sundell. 

If you’re the type of developer who might need to transfer an app, either by selling it to someone or changing the developer profile, then you need to read this unexpected effect of including certain frameworks.

Some projects to check out: 

  • Alerts-Pickers: Advanced usage of UIAlertController with TextField, DatePicker, PickerView, TableView, and CollectionView. 
  • IBLinter: A linter tool for Interface Builder.
  • Ambience: An ambient light accessibility framework for iOS.


From full-screen experiences to biometrical authorization, here are 12 Mobile UX Trends for 2018.  

It might sound like a dream job to a lot of engineers out there, but for those who’ve wondered What is Developer Advocacy?, here is your answer. 

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