This Week in Mobile (Jan 29)

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This Week in Mobile (Jan 29)

Your weekly roundup of the mobile news highlights. Spoiler: Parse's retirement announcement takes over!

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Among the usual updates from this week, the big news it that Parse is being wound down, with full retirement happening on Jan 28 2017. Time to start your migration plan! 


When a new language comes along, you can easily get caught up in some pitfalls. To help you navigate the rock, David Ungar has published Seven Swift Snares & How To Avoid Them.

For in-depth weekly news on Swift.org, and details on language updates, make sure to check out Swift Weekly Brief by Jesse Squires.

Read about one developer's experience learning Swift in 100 Days of Swift with all sample projects available.

For some reason, architecture is sometimes seen as a luxury for app development. Read the first part of Architecture Patterns in iOS to make yourself a better developer

Some projects to check out on GitHub: 

  • ios-good-practices: Good ideas for iOS development by Futurice developers

  • Gecco: Simply highlight items for your tutorial walkthrough, written in Swift

  • furni-ios: Furni for iOS is a furniture store demo app presented at the Twitter Flight conference on October 21st, 2015, showing the power of the Fabric platform

  • swift-algorithm-club:Algorithms and data structures in Swift, with explanations!

  • ReSwift: Unidirectional Data Flow in Swift - Inspired by Redux


It's true that most apps begin life on iOS and move onto Android later. Is it worth it? Check out this retrospective from one developer who created an Android version of their app.

Ever wanted to implement the video playback feature that's in Facebook's app? Check out Implementing video playback in a scrolled list (ListView & RecyclerView)

I've seen people get hurt time and time again from Android Studio updates. So, How Often Should You Update Android Studio?, according to the Google 

First time app developers usually end up with a mess of views in their apps. Here are some tips on how to Simplify Complex View Hierachies.

Some projects for you to check out on GitHub:


In news that is bound to upset and frustrate developers everywhere, Facebook are shutting down Parse. Having said that, you have a year to get your app backend in order,with a few useful tools and an open source Parse server being released.

No need for complete panic though. Justin Beckwith has already put together a post about Deploying Parse Server to Google App Engine. You can depend on the mobile developer community to dig you out of your Parse nightmare. 

App uninstalls are disheartening. Before the advanced analytics on iTunes Connect it was difficult to see when it happens. But have you wondered why? Here is A Totally Unscientific Look at What Makes Customers Pull the Plug.

Intercom have put together a great opinion post on Why Mobile First is Outdated. 

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