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This Week in Mobile (Jan 8)

Our weekly roundup of the most interesting news for mobile developers.

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It might be Oculus Rift pre-order week, but that doesn't mean that mobile has suddenly become irrelevant! Here are some great resources to set your year in mobile off in the right direction.


Start off the new year on the right foot and learn How to be an Awesome Swift Developer.

Here's all you need to know about Creating Custom UIViewController Transitions.

Since being open sourced, Swift is going everywhere, like on a Raspberry Pi.

Swift bracing takes a look at how to style your Swift code.

Apple has released some revenue statistics for the holiday season, where customers spend $1.1 billion on apps. They also state that they have paid nearly $40 billion to app developers. 

Some projects to watch out for: 


Romain Guy and Chet Haase have a great talk on Developing For Android, By Managers. The talk is based on these 10 introductory articles.

Looks like the One Plus One is going to be the first phone to have Cortana integration available in its Cyanogen 12.1.1 update.

This series looks at dealing with the Permissions Model in Android Marshmallow

The creators of Vineyard have shared their experiences and tips for Creating an Android TV Vine App.

Some projects for you to check out: 


If you're launching an app you should check out How to Get You App Indexed in Google, which will index your app content, whether it is iOS or Android.

Paul Adams from Intercom has written about The End of Apps as We Know Them

Ben McCarthy writes That's Not How the App Store Works, discussing the difficulties in making money from your app when using in-app purchases.

Jon Westenberg explains why Your Billion Dollar Idea Ain't Worth a Dime.

It sounds like Facebook are already given access to their Secret Chat SDK that Lets Developers Build Messenger Bots. Have you been able to try it out? It's going to be huge.

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