This Week in Mobile: Improvements Everywhere!

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This Week in Mobile: Improvements Everywhere!

With everything from improving underlines, looking at the progress of Instagram, and ways to improve your Swift or Java code, this week is all about improvements

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With the dust settled after the developer conferences of the summer, we can now look forward to getting apps ready for the next iterations of our mobile operating systems.


The waiting is over - Android N is now officially Android Nougat.

Romain Guy has put together A Better Underline for Android, a much nicer way of presenting underlined text.

In Faceoff: Android vs iOS, you'll see the state of the operating systems in 2016 with their differences and similarities highlighted.

Did you know the first Instagram Android app was built in four months by two engineers? Instagram + Android: Four Years Later looks at how far the app has come.

Android Data Binding: That <include> thing talks about how you can include layouts within layouts. 

You should be following the Clean Android Code article series. The latest one looks at the Event Bus.

Some projects to check out: 

  • StepView: A step by step flow indicator 

  • Scoops:  Android library for managing and applying multiple themes and custom theme modification

  • RevealatorA helper to circle reveal/unreveal a view easily, with translations and childs animations

  • MagicaSakuraMagicaSakura is an Android multi-theme library which supporting both daily colorful theme and night theme.


WWDC 2016 might seem like a blur to you, but you probably missed some news. Here is A quick list of overlooked announcements. And here's a good summary of what's new in Notifications.

Nick O'Neill talks about Discovering Native Swift Patterns, looking at design patterns you might have seen in your Objective-C code and translating them to Swift. 

UICollectionView: Unjustly Maligned takes some time out to defend one of the most useful but misunderstood classes in UIKit. 

Good Swift Bad Swift is an excellent series that any self-respecting Swift developer should be following. Part 2 has just been published. 

Remember that article about Swift Build Time Optimizations? Well, there have been some updates since you last read it. 

It's time to start getting ready for the iOS 10 release. Here's a useful template library for Sketch that will give you a headstart. 

You can't miss DZone's latest Refcard, Swift Essentials from Alex Blewitt. The ultimate Swift reference

Some new projects to check out: 

  • Cleanse: Lightweight dependency injection framework from Square
  • LayoutKit: Fast view layout library for iOS

  • SwiftLinkPreview: Makes a preview from a URL, grabbing titles, text and images

  • Preheat: Automates prefetching of content for UITableView and UICollectionView


See how the most popular apps, like Instagram, Uber and WhatsApp have changed over time in Great Apps Timeline.

Design Sprints can be a great way to work out how your app should look before putting in a large coding investment. Check out Google's article explaining how to run your own.

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