This Week in Mobile: Android Memory Leaks and Key Changes in Swift 3

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This Week in Mobile: Android Memory Leaks and Key Changes in Swift 3

Thoughts on the new Constraint Layout, insights into Swift 3, and lots more.

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This week we've got a little bit more WWDC reaction and a closer look at what's happening in Swift 3. For Android developers, we give some help with memory leaks, and there's a little reverse engineering to look at how popular apps work.


Your worries about security on Android might not be so unfounded after all. According to Ars Technica, Android's full disk encryption has gotten much weaker.

At Google I/O we learn about the new Constraint Layout; here are some thoughts on it, and the new design editor in Android Studio

Android Decompile Deepdive is a series where the author decompiles an Android app and looks at how it's built. This time around it's the Medium app.

Building a new app? Check out this series of tips from the Android Developer team on how to build it right.

Memory leaks in Android - identify, treat and avoid is an article that any self-respecting developer cannot afford to miss.

Some projects to check out: 


Here's another list of WWDC 2016 Takeaways, this time for developers, designers and product owners.

In The Open World of Swift, Daniel Steinberg goes through the key changes in Swift 3.

Payment provider Stripe have released an updated set of components for iOS, making it even easier to deal with transactions in your app.

Using iCloud Core Data in your app? You should read about The Deprecation of iCloud Core Data today!

Starting out? Here are 5 Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I First Started Learning iOS.

Finally, if you're unsure when to go for the next version of Swift, read When is the right time to move to Swift 3.

Some projects to check out: 


Remember the guy who sold Summly to Yahoo? Here's an interview with Nick D'Aloisio, From Summly to Silicon Valley.

Here's a deep dive into how Snapchat's Filter's Work, a surprising amount of work has gone into them.

This list of 8 Marketing Tools to Grow Your Startup could  bring you fame and glory.

iOS Stash is a comprehensive list of app development tools.

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