This Week in Mobile: Reducing App Size for iOS and Android

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This Week in Mobile: Reducing App Size for iOS and Android

The common theme this week is how to reduce the size of apps for Android and iOS, a key skill if you plan on having an app with multiple updates.

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This week saw the return of Google Glass. Will it be a real success this time, or another product destined for the dumpster? With the resurgence in Augmented Reality thanks to iOS 11, it's could be perfect timing.


No one wants to build a monster app, and just because you’re using Swift doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to slim down your app size. Here are some tricks to make some savings

If you’re moving on to a new iOS job, or just hiring for new developers, check out this list of 50 iOS Interview Questions

Did you spot that iOS 11 gives you in built authentication? Read more about it in iOS 11, Privacy and Single Sign On.

Xcode 9 brings a lot more power to the simulator, highlighted by the 8 tips in iOS Simulator on Steroids.

Looking for some holiday reading and viewing? Check out this Advanced WWDC 2017 Guide which gives a great overview of the key points and highlights some must-watch sessions. 

Some projects to check out: 

  • ARuler: Measure distance using Apple ARKit.
  • MessageKit: A community driven replacement for JSQMessagesViewController.
  • TheGreatGame: Open source first-class iOS app dedicated to Women’s Euro 2017.
  • CGOperators: Easily manipulate CGPoints, CGSizes, and CGVectors using math operators.
  • AZDialogViewController: A highly customizable alert dialog controller that mimics Snapchat’s alert dialog.


Want to make sure people are willing to download and upgrade your app? Then keep the footprint low by following the advice in How to Reduce APK Size

Almost every Android app you’ll look at has RxJava at its core. For those who find it hard to wrap their head around the concepts check out RxJava Anatomy.

There are some great tips in this article on how to bring in persistence to your ViewModels.

Android O brings a new app icon format. Learn how to deal with it in Nick Butcher’s article, Designing Adaptive Icons.

Here’s a listing of 30+ Kickass Tools to Develop Android Apps Like a Pro. No matter what your current toolset, you’re bound to find some new ones here. 

Some projects to check out: 

  • SlidingUpPanelLayout: A vertical-handled and multi-panel support SlidingPanelLayout. 
  • DropDownView: A simple drop down view with built-in animations. 
  • FaceDetector: Face detection for your Android app.
  • Orin: A fork of Phonograph, a music player for Android. 


Have you got a pitch coming up? Or just want to get some slideshow inspiration? Then check out this set of pitch decks used by successful startups

Looking to make it big with your startup? Maybe you need to think about Adopting the 10x Mindset.

Google Glass is back, and this time it’s for the enterprise. Read more about A New Chapter for Glass from Jay Kothari, the project lead.

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