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This Week in Mobile: Mastering Animations, Android Awareness, and Micro Feature Architecture

This week we have a real mix of topics, all the way from basic syntax, the best architecture practices and much more.

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This week we have a real mix of topics, all the way from basic syntax, the best architecture practices and much more.


If you're just getting your head around Swift, it's likely the syntax has scared you a little. Syntax Cheat Codes is the article you need to get some more detail on how to use your new favorite language. 

You might know a lot about what was announced at WWDC 2016, but in case you have a fear of missing out on something essential, check out this listing

Conrad Kramer shares his top tips on How to Write an iOS SDK

Micro Features Architecture for iOS shows you how you can better modularize your apps and stop your development team from reinventing the wheel. If you run an app consultancy, this is how you should be constructing your apps.  

Grand Central Dispatch is getting some much-needed love in Swift 3. Learn more about it here.

Time to look at some new libraries out this week: 

  • facebook-sdk-swift: Integration your iOS apps in Swift with the Facebook platform
  • Live: a demonstration project for how to build a live broadcast app
  • FileKit: Simple and expressive file management in Swift
  • JTAppleCalendar: Github's best iOS Swift calendar library


In what could be the most useful addition for developers in Android N, Using the Awareness API for Android shows you some of the potential that lies beneath.

The RobinHood app has a really nice component for displaying scrolling text named Ticker, which they've now open sourced it for you to include it in your own app.

Learn about Annotation Processing in Android Studio to avoid unnecessary boilerplate code and get the market faster.

Here are a few reasons to use Firebase in all your Android projects - it covers a lot of stuff that you might have previously needed to build yourself. 

Dan Kim shares details on How He Built his First Android Open Source Library (and how you can too). Some good tips in there if you haven't taken the leap yet. 

Speaking of such libraries, here are some you should check out this week: 

  • ticker: An Android text view with scrolling text change animation
  • Hermes: A smart, novel and easy-to-use framework for Android Inter-Process Communication.
  • GiftCard: Beautiful gift cards made for Android 

And while not a library, AndroidInterview-Q-A is a list of the interview questions that the top companies use for Android developers.


You get apps where the animations make no sense, and then you get apps that really need that extra lift. To master this subtle art, read Functional Animation in UX Design: What Makes a Good Transition? 

Here are 5 Steps for Product Managers to Ditch the Jargon and Communicate Better

A great six-part series for developers who want to branch out: So you want to build a hardware company, and you're a software engineer.

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