This Week in Mobile: Instagram, Apple Watch, Game Design, and More!

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This Week in Mobile: Instagram, Apple Watch, Game Design, and More!

This week we still have a lot of WWDC reaction going on in the iOS world. There's no lack of Android news, though.

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You'll find some great tips on how to Use Android Studio Like a Pro from the team at Stanfy. An impressive summary of the stuff you really should know how to do. And while on the topic of Android Studio, don't forget that the data binding features can help you avoid using findViewById.

Dagger is pretty popular these days. Here's one of the best articles explaining how to achieve dependency injection in Android:  Inject everything - ViewHolder and Dagger2, with Multibinding and AutoFactory example.

Instagram has put together an article on Beautiful, Preformant Android UI. These guys know their stuff, so ignore at your peril. 

Playbook for Developers is full of tips on how to manage the entire lifecycle of your app, from development to user engagement. 

Udacity is running an Android Basics Nanodegree, created with Google themselves. Well worth a look if you want to get into Android.

Some projects to check out: 

  • RxGroups: From Airbnb, easily group RxJava Observables together and tie them to your Android Activity lifecycle

  • Spotlight: Android library used to onboard users by showcasing specific features in the app

  • ExpandingPager: A card peek/pop controller

  • BottomDialogs: Library that shows a customizable Material-based bottom sheet


During WWDC Apple released an update to the App Store Review Guidelines.  However, they went a step better by providing a comic book all about the guidelines. If you find it difficult to keep up with the changes, you can see a detailed list of changes appstorereviewguidelineshistory.com.

One of my favorite things about WWDC was the changes made to WatchOS. Launch apps, as demonstrated, is what will bring the Watch to the level we expected. Here's Conrad Stoll's comments on App Launching on Apple Watch.

Realm has put together the reactions of 30 top developers to WWDC, in WWDC 2016, the Developer Perspective.

iMessages having its own app store might seem weird, but read how Apple is saving the App economy but not by 'fixing' the AppStore. After reading that, check out why stickers are so important in The Elements of Stickers.

Check out David Rico's new series, User Engagement on iOS with Swift, kicking off with deep links.

Some of the best new projects on GitHub this week: 

  • open-source-ios-apps: Collaborative list of open source iOS apps

  • SaveTheDot: A game developed using the new UIViewPropertyAnimator in iOS10

  • DropDown: A Material Design dropdown for iOS

  • Graphs: Lightweight charts view generator for iOS

We're into the iPhone 7 rumor mill now, and according to The Verge and the Wall Street Journal, the new phone will look like the 6S. And the headphone jack is likely to disappear in this year's iteration. It makes sense that the biggest changes will be kept for 2017, the 10th anniversary of our favorite smartphone. 


Information Architects have put together an amazingly detailed article on Four UX Lessons in Game Design. If you've had aspirations of creating a game, this is essential reading. 

Microsoft buying LinkedIn seemed weird at first, but it's resulted in Microsoft's New Secret Weapon being Reid Hoffman.

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