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This Week in Mobile: Looking Ahead to WWDC 2018

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This Week in Mobile: Looking Ahead to WWDC 2018

See what one developer wants from iOS 12, how to implement promises in Swift, and writing your own network layer implementation.

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Next week, we'll all know what's been announced at WWDC. Until then...


With WWDC around the corner, here is one developer’s iOS 12 Wishlist, including better notifications, a cleaner volume control and improve AI. Let’s see what transpires next week. 

Better Promises in Swift looks at how promises can improve clarity in your code, but only when used correctly, and using the right combination of libraries. 

Generics in Swift 4 takes you through a real-world example to explain the concept clearly. Worth reading, as a lot of developers end up in trouble with generics. 

If you’re tired of relying on third-party libraries, read Minimal Network Layer From Scratch in Swift 4 relying on Codable, protocol-oriented programming and URLSession. 

Some projects to check out: 


Auto-Sizing TextViews in Android, which allows text size to change according the content that is added to it, is available in Android Oreo, but they are supported all the way back to Android 4. 

A continuation of one developer’s investigations into the new Navigation Architecture Component, A Problem Like Navigation looks at how to navigate backwards.  

Internals of Android Architecture Components is a new series that will look at how all these components work. The first part is focussed on ViewModel

Flutter at Jimdo: Our Experience and Fun Moments looks at one projects adoption of Flutter, including the reasoning why, and the things the team discovered along the way 

Some projects to check out: 


Solving Distraction: iOS Do Not Disturb Concept looks at how we can deal with smartphone addition with a more intelligent/forgiving notification concept. 

A Fish in Your Ear goes behind the UX design process behind Google Translate, from Pendar Yousefi, the UX Manager himself!

Finally, if you use Sketch, you might be excited by some of the improvements made in the recent version 50.

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