This Week in Mobile (March 11)

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This Week in Mobile (March 11)

Check out the latest news in mobile in our weekly roundup, including news about Google's early unveil of Android N for developers.

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Did you sign up for Google I/O tickets this week? Or are you holding out for WWDC? Whichever is your mobile OS of choice, we think you'll enjoy this week's column


Do you find it difficult to remember date formatting syntax for your iOS apps? Then you need NSDateFormatter.

Want to contribute to the Swift language and make it better? Now you can, as Apple expand commit access.

Learn how to add Fun and Fast Audio in your Swift app.

DZone MVB Simon Gladman has released his book, Core Image for Swift. If you've followed his articles on DZone and you want to do amazing things with imagery on iOS, this is the book for you!

Some projects to look out for: 

  • Advance: powerful animation framework 

  • TSWeChat: WeChat alternative written in Swift 

  • Stevia: Elegant view layout for iOS


With Android, it's critical to look at the distribution of the various versions of the OS. The latest numbers show that Lollipop is the most prolific, with a share of 36.1%. 

However, Android N is the big thing, and Google just dropped their Developer Preview this week, so they can get developer feedback even faster than usual. 

Some Android projects for you: 


Fixing Twitter is an intriguing article on how Twitter is trying to get back on track under Jack Dorsey's direction.

UX consultancy Nielsen Norman provide The 4 Universal Requirements for Great UX.

Learn more about Microinteractions: The Secret of Great App Design, focusing on the details of your product, which contribute to keeping users coming back. 

Curious about Microsoft's acquisition of Xamarin? Check out this podcast between Jesse Liberty and Ted Neward.

Are you looking to hit 1 billion users in your product? There are only 12 apps that have hit this target of monthly active users - see how long it took each to make it in The March to A Billion Users.

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