This Week in Mobile: WWDC and Android P

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This Week in Mobile: WWDC and Android P

The main stories over the last few weeks have been the Android P Developer Preview, and of course, the annual lottery for WWDC tickets. May the odds be in your favor!

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You’ve already got yourself setup to go to WWDC by registering for the ticket lottery? And you’re completely up to date with the Android P news? Then you’ve got it all under control!


Let’s Simplify the Work with UserDefaults gives some detail on creating an extension to UserDefaults to make it even easier to work with. 

Using Channels for Data Flow in Swift gives an alternative to delegation and NotificationCentre by using channels, which uses less code and standardizes the flow of data in your code. 

If you’ve ever wanted to understand more about the basics of memory in Swift, check out this post by Greg Heo on Size, Stride and Alignment

Make sure to bookmark The iOS Dev Directory; a comprehensive listing of blogs and sites that cover iOS development.

Here’s a concise comparison of the two main mobile languages in Swift vs Kotlin - the Differences That Matter

Some projects to check out: 

  • ContextMenu: An iOS context menu UI inspired by Things 3.
  • textor: A plain text editor for iOS.
  • Blueprints: A framework that is meant to make your life easier when working with collection view flow layouts.
  • Delegated: Closure-based delegation without memory leaks.


If you’re keeping up with Android P, and you should be, make sure to check out about the Cryptography Changes. Joe Birch also has this article on Display Cutouts.

Ever wondering which language creates a larger APK? I hadn’t considered it either! Comparing APK Sizes looks at the differences between apps created in Flutter, React Native, Kotlin and Java. The answer will probably not surprise you! 

Here’s a really nice technique of how to Scroll Away Your Bottom Navigation View with just 10 lines of code.

This one has got me in the past: check out this Android Studio tip for tracking down syntactical errors. 

Here’s a list of Critical Mistakes to Avoid in Android Development. If you’ve been developing for any reasonable length of time, they should be obvious, but still…. make sure you know them!

Here are some simple Architectural Guidelines to Follow For MVP Pattern on Android. Things that might seem obvious like creating dumb views, using Dagger and RxJava along with improving testability are all covered here. 

Some projects to check out: 

  • TextPathView: A View with text path animation. 
  • kyrie: Animated Vector Drawables on steroids.


The Evolution of UX Process Methodology is a great read, with a history of how the largely waterfall world of UX had to change to fall in line with agile product development. 

Immersive Design: The Next 10 Years of Interfaces looks at what happens when we design beyond a screen. 

Designing Jank-Free Apps shows how designers can help to prevent glitches in iOS apps. 

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