This Week In Mobile (March 29)

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This Week In Mobile (March 29)

On the week that Apple release their new old phone, what else should capture your attention?

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So the Apple event was mostly predictable for us all - we have a new phone with an old screen size. Some people love it, and others find it a bit...wrong. So what else is going on? 


Design of Everyday Swift sees Rachel Bobbins going over some of the principles from 'The Design of Everyday Things' and how they can apply to well written Swift code.

Everyone reading This Week in Mobile is looking to find ways to make it big with their apps, right? So, you really have to read Apple's Recipe for Making Successful Apps.

NatashaTheRobot shows How to Peek & Pop a Specific View Inside a UITableViewCell.

Some projects that you should check out: 

  • Appz: Launch external apps, and deep link, with ease, using Swift

  • Fusuma: Instagram-like photo browser and a camera feature with a few lines of Swift

  • Bolts-Swift: A collection of low-level libraries designed to make developing mobile apps easier

Finally, thinking of moving to Android? Here's How To Start Android Development with an iOS Background.


Productivity is key when you building your app. After all, you'll need a lot of spare time to test. Check out this Android Studio pro tip on Writing More Code by Writing Less Code With Android Studio Live Templates

Want another tip for Android Studio? Here's how to Analyze Data Flows Without a Debugger.

There are a few things that you'll need to watch out for when using RxJava. Learn these Common RxJava Mistakes thanks to Daniel Lew.

Without needing newAPIs, you can follow these 5 Tips for Preparing for Multi Window in Android N.

Some Android projects to try: 

  • EasingInterpolator: 28 different easing animation interpolators

  • RoadRunner: Allows you to make your own loading animation using an SVG image 

  • BlurLockView: Lock view with blur effect

  • Steppers: Steppers view library based on Material Design guidelines 


Getting into the marketing headspace can be a challenge for most of us with so many books and blogs to read on the topic. But here is a 17 Minute Post That Will Make You a World Class Marketer. Guaranteed

ProductHunt has a list of Tools to Help You Track Your Startup including Index, App Review Monitor and more. 

Need amazing graphics in your app? Here's how the iPad Pro could help you become an amazing illustrator.

Messenger apps are all the rage, and soon to become the app of apps. Here are 845 Ways to Win With Conversational Apps.

IDEO have posted 5 Design Secrets from the Kids Who Will Replace You. Worth checking it out to stay relevant. 

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