This Week in Mobile (March 7)

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This Week in Mobile (March 7)

Another roundup of news from the iOS and Android camps.

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This week we've got stories showing how difficult it can be to make it on the App Store, tips about using location services the right way and the usual listing of the best new projects out there on GitHub. And don't forget that you can register for the Google I/O ticket lottery between March 8 and March 10.


If you just read one link from this week's roundup, make it Casey Newton's Life and Death in the App Store, a fascinating story behind Pixite's app struggles.

There's so many companies still out there that are holding off on switching for Objective-C to Swift. LinkedIn bit the bullet, and they have a talk outlining the challenges and benefits of Swift @ LinkedIn.

It seems weird for IBM to be hosting a package catalog for Swift, but it's happening! It's worth taking a look, and the categories are pretty good.

Here are some projects that I thought you'd like: 

  • Advance: A powerful animation framework for iOS 

  • swift-algorithm-club: Algorithms and data structures in Swift, with explanations!

  • EZTextSpace: Create walkthroughs and speech bubbles with human assistants

  • TVOSSlideViewController: Container view controller with left and right drawer controlled by pan gesture for tvOS 

  • ABKit: AB testing framework for iOS


If your app depends on third party developers interacting with your data or other services, you should watch App to App: Designing Local APIs on Android.

Have you ever been hit by the 65K method count on Android? Me too! So check out the Fragemented podcast All about the infamous 65,536 dex method count.

Some projects that might interest you 

  • FPSAnimator: An easy animation library for Android TextureView and SurfaceView

  • RxAndroidAudio: Android Audio encapsulation library with Rx support

  • Rosie: A framework to create applications following the principles of Clean Architecture 

  • greedo-layout-for-android: Full aspect ratio grid LayoutManager for Android's RecyclerView

  • AndroidBaseUtils: Context free and basic utils to help you build your Android project 


If you've ever built an app with location services, you'll understand the fine balancing act between getting enough information to make the app useful, and draining battery life in hours. Learn from Runkeeper's Location Service Struggles, a brilliant talk full with tips and tricks to help you do better.

Check out Google Design's Resizer which allows you to test how your websites respond to material design breakpoints across devices. 

How To Make Your Users Think Your App Loads Faster talks about how you can go beyond 'evil spinners' to make your app feel more fluid to your customers. 

Finish this week by choosing from 32 of the Best Productivity Tools You'll Ever Need. It'll make your next work week so much better! 

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