This Week in Mobile: Instant Run in Android Studio, Swift 3.0 Release Process, and Bourbon

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This Week in Mobile: Instant Run in Android Studio, Swift 3.0 Release Process, and Bourbon

Learn about the internals of Android Studio, prepare for Swift 3.0, and add to your UX design knowledge.

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Later this week we'll see the first developer preview of Swift 3.0. Expect some chaos, but hopefully it's for the good of the language. 


Instant Run: How Does It Work? takes a deep dive into the tooling of Android Studio that reduces build and deploy changes for small code changes. 

The best way to learn about getting an app out there is to learn from people who've been there before. Introducing Bourbon: Dribbble, Android, MVP and a Common-Code Module is a great look into an app with shared logic between Mobile, Wear and TV. 

Titanium developers will be interested in how to Deal With Titanium Modules and the Missing Support for Android Multidex. Enough to get you by until there is official support. 

Ever wonder which layout to use for your Android app? This article talks about why GridLayout is probably your best option.

Some Android projects for you to check out: 


If you want to be ahead of the curve, take a look at the Swift 3.0 release process. It won't be source-compatible with Swift 2.2 and will ship in late 2016. 

In Boundaries in Practice, you can see how you can use boundaries to write better, safer and more future-proof Swift code.

This post introduces Interpolate, a way to create interactive gesture driven animations in your iOS app.

Are you wondering when the best time to drop iOS 8 is? Take a look at the share each version of iOS has, and learn from the previous adoption rates. 

Here are some projects to check out: 


Kurt Varner talks about the tangible benefits of designing at 1x pixel density in Design at 1x - It's a Fact. 

Are you better off with Infinite Scrolling or Pagination? Become more well informed with this article from UXPlanet

Although not all strictly native or for mobile, this list of 7 Tools to Help You Build an App Without Coding will certainly appeal to the prototypers out there

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