This Week in Mobile: What Will Material Design 2.0 Give Us?

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This Week in Mobile: What Will Material Design 2.0 Give Us?

We've got articles on discovering how your favorite apps are built without jailbreaking, avoiding massive view controllers to some speculation on Material Design 2.0.

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John Sundell completes his two-parter on Observers in Swift, looking at four different ways to add observers using notifications, observation protocols, closures and tokens 

Every developer wants to know how their favorite apps work in the background right? Here are five simple techniques for Exploring Apps Without Jailbreaking.

A Better MVC is a five-part series on fixing the Massive View Controller problem that remains so pervasive across iOS development. 

 Here’s an excellent concise introduction into using Tuples in Swift.

Learn how you can use Swift 4’s KeyPath you can achieve Seamless Data Manipulation.

Some projects to check out: 

  • LoginCritter: An animated avatar that responds to text field interactions. 
  • Alicerce: A based for iOS applications from Mindera. 
  • Parade: Parallax Scroll-Jacking Effects Engine for iOS/tvOS. 
  • A_J_Full_Screen_Image_Browser: High performance full screen image and video browser in iOS. 

Finally, check out these 33 Awesome GitHub Lists for iOS Development.


We’ll know a lot more about Material Design 2.0 by the time Google I/O comes around, but for now, check out this speculative preview article

I Created a Flowable and I Liked It shows how you can convert a multithreaded codebase into a reactive stream using Flowable.create 

Here’s an outstanding article on how you can go about Improving Performance With Background Data Prefetching from the Instagram engineering team. 

Themes are so powerful, especially if you’re creating an app that might need to be branded for different customers. If you haven’t got your head around them yet, check out Mastering Android Themes.

Some projects to check out: 

  • okdownload: A reliable, flexible, fast, and powerful download engine.
  • restring: Replace bundled Strings dynamically or provide new translations.

Finally, here are some simple links and tips on how to get Immersed in the Android Developer. Community


While bigger operations have the luxury of getting dedicated design staff, what do you do when you’re a one-person show? Maybe start here with How to Develop an Eye for Design.

It’s a tricky balance, as these days no one wants to seem unethical, so here are some safer tips on How to Get Customers to Keep Loving Your Product.

Finding it difficult to solve the UX problems in your app? Try out these 7 Steps to Achieving Flow in UX Design.

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