This Week in Mobile: Google Play on Chrome, Swift Performance, and More

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This Week in Mobile: Google Play on Chrome, Swift Performance, and More

Some SOLID principles for building Android apps, different approaches to testing iOS apps, along with our usual roundup of links, projects, and tips for developers.

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Hear about Facebook's tooling to help build faster Android apps without changing any of the code, from this year's F8 conference. There's also a great talk on Building Cross Platform Apps with React Native from the event.

It's looking likely that the Google Play Store could appear on Chrome OS, from some clues in source code.

The conclusion of the five-part series on Donn Felker's SOLID Principles for Android is now available. Take the time to watch all of the talks to get an appreciate for the best architectural practices for Android app development.

AppyDroid have put together a list of 7 libraries that should be used with every Android app. How many do you use?

Meanwhile, you should check this list of 11 common performance problems in top Android libraries.

Here's an interesting post on handling RxJava Observables in Retrofit.

Even though you might think you're beyond it, it's worth giving yourself a quick refresher on Android Debug Bridge Commands.

Some projects worth looking at this week:


Check out how Artsy test their four different apps. The catch, they're all tested in different ways, as each app requires a different technique.

iOSStack is an excellent curated list of iOS links and resources.

Have you ever wondered how background downloads work on iOS? Wonder no more, the whole thing is demystified here

Here are some useful tips on how to speed up slow Swift build times by finding problem areas in Xcode.

The first Swift CareKit apps are now available, allowing medical apps to track patient health. 

Some tips on how to do something useful in Swift with Map, Reduce and Zip functions.

Here are a few projects worth checking out: 

  • StackViewController: A controller that uses a UIStackView and view controller composition to display content in a list

  • LeeGoDeclarative, configurable & highly reusable UI development as making Lego bricks

  • HexaconA fancy hexagonal layout for displaying data like your Apple Watch

  • RxBluetoothKitiOS & OSX Bluetooth library for RxSwift


When working on your UI, keep these 5 mistakes to avoid when designing micro-interactions in mind.

There are also some good tips on how to be more organized while designing UI.

Jonas Downey talks about why he loves ugly messy interfaces... and he thinks you do too!

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