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This Week in Mobile: Living With Crashes and The Rise of Kotlin

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This Week in Mobile: Living With Crashes and The Rise of Kotlin

Crashes seem to be an unspoken reality for all app developers. This week we have an excellent article on dealing with crashes on iOS, and how to do better than ignore crashes on rotating Android devices.

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Lots of variety with everything from dealing with crashes, building iMessage apps and keeping up with RxJava 2.0.


App crashes causing you nightmares? Learn from someone who has seen it all in How Not to Crash

Here's a great guide on How to Build an iMessage App with Swift.

There are some things you'll probably never do as an iOS developer. Here's one person's list of iOS True Confessions.

Not everyone warms to Swift instantly. Bob Lee gives 5 Reasons Why He Fell In Love With Swift and why it's the perfect language for beginners. 

Over the past few weeks, we've had a few articles on the storyboards theme. Here's another piece on How Real Teams Deal With iOS Storyboards.

Some projects to check out

  • PresentrSwift wrapper for custom ViewController presentations on iOS

  • HypertextAny-way-you-want-it, type-safe HTML in Swift.

  • CascadingTableDelegateA no-nonsense way to write cleaner UITableViewDelegate and UITableViewDataSource in Swift.

  • TTGSnackbarTTGSnackbar shows simple message and action button on the bottom or top of the screen with multi kinds of animation, which is written in Swift3 and inspired by Snackbar in Android. It also supports showing custom view, icon image or multi-action button.


RxJava 2.0 is a complete rewrite of RxJava, so if you're planning on keeping up with the latest release, it's worth checking this official list of What's Different in 2.0.

Activity Revival and the Case of the Rotating Device talks through the options that you have in handling the case where your app's activity could be restarted as the device rotates. 

As it gets more popular, see how Kotlin became one development teams' primary language for Android, despite some potential difficulties. 

Want to use AnimatedVectorDrawableCompat in your app, but at a loss about how to get going. Here's the missing guide that you've been looking for.

Some projects to check out 

  • material-remixer-androidRemixer is a set of Android libraries and protocols to allow live adjustment of apps and prototypes during the development process.

  • ClearScreenHelperThe ClearScreenHelper can help you clear screen by sliding mode easily.

  • android-TNRAnimationHelper: A library that contains practical animations: Rotation, Flip, Horizontal and Vertical Shake, Pulse. 

  • mirrorYet another Sketch Mirror App for Android.

In Other News...

From three apps that captured the author's imagination, here are Three Key Lessons About Mobile User Experience Design.

A Product Manager Communication Survival Guide shows how to deal with information overload

Keeping up with JavaScript is tough — very tough. So here's a Study Plan to Cure JavaScript Fatigue and get back on top of things.

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