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This Week in Mobile (Nov. 13)

Our weekly rundown of the highlights in the world of app development.

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From loading native libraries in Android, to thread safety in iOS and decisions between ListViews and GridViews, it's all here in our weekly roundup.


Min Song has an interesting article about How to Convert an iOS UI to Android.

Read about The Perils of Loading Native Libraries on Android.

And make sure to check out how to improve the performance of your ListViews.

Some of the best new Android projects this week: 

  • ReLinker: a robust native library loader for Android, for when the default loading leaves you down one too many times. 

  • Nuwa: Hotfix your Android application

  • NightOwl: Switch between day and night modes

  • EasyImage: Library for picking pictures from gallery or camera

Finally, would you spend $1,500 on Tag Heuer's first forray into the smartwatch market? Their Android Wear watch looks like a good luxury option. 


While Your App Was Sleeping: Background Transfer Services show your how to continue your networking requests in the background. 

Parse.com has an essential guide on Thread Safety Basics on iOS/OS X.

See how you can use Unwind Segues as an Alternative to Delegation.

Some projects that caught my attention this week 

  • Armchair: A simple yet powerful App Review Manager written in Swift. Perfect if you want to prompt positive app reviews.

  • MPParallaxView: Apple TV Parallax effect in Swift.

  • Device: Lightweight tool  for detecting the current device and screen size

  • DGElasticPullToRefresh: Elastic pull to refresh for iOS developed in Swift.

  • watchbuild: Get a notification once your iTunes Connect build is finished processing

Finally, Firefox for iOS is now available, and here's all the source code, written in Swift. You've got to love open source.


Stephanie Engle has a great Intro to Product Design. For those who are thinking about moving into the area, it's a must-read. 

Get an insight into life in the Facebook business design group in The Intricate Dance of Designing for 2.5 Million Businesses.

Stuck between list and grids? Check out this article on When To Use Which on Mobile.

Read about some Misused mobile UX patterns, in the hope of avoiding the same problems.


According to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group's technology roadmap, Bluetooth could be set for a 100% speed boost and better range in 2016

Check out Ben Wiener's response to Fred Wilson's article about The Mobile Downturn. If you're worried about how it's all going to play out for app startups in the near future, it's worth a look.

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