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This Week in Mobile: The Best of Modern Programming Languages

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This Week in Mobile: The Best of Modern Programming Languages

This week, we have everything from hacking your way to a UX job to highlighting the ten most interesting features in modern programming languages.

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Think your language of choice is the “best?” Well, check out these Ten Interesting Features for Various Modern Languages to see if your choice really has it all! 


Reusability and Composition in Swift looks at some key architectural practices in making your code as clean as possible. 

This is a must-read for every dev out there: How to Improve Your Mobile App Networking Experience. A few simple concepts, and maybe the use of a couple of libraries will earn your customers’ respect. 

In Don’t Introduce Side Effects, you will learn what to avoid when creating your iOS unit tests.  

Copy on Write in iOS 11 gives you an easy introduction on how the concept works for your collections. 

Some projects to check out: 

  • SkeletonView: An elegant way to show users that something is happening. 
  • Optimizing-Swift-Build-Times: A collection of advice on how to optimise compile times for Swift projects. 
  • Flix: iOS form builder in Swift.
  • Windless: Windless makes it easy to implement invisible layout loading view.


The first part of Clean up Your Android Code tackles the topic of extras when passing values between Activities and Intents. In this case, the Blade library is suggested as a way to get around the usual boilerplate.

Nick Butcher from Google explains Android Color Management: What Developers and Designers Need to Know. There’s a lot there that you might just have taken for granted, so do check it out.

Experimenting With Gradle Dependencies provides some alternatives to the standard patterns used to declare dependencies. 

A little confused about the Kotlin standard functions? Here are some tips on how to master them! 

Custom Gradle tasks can be great - here’s how to create them with Kotlin!

Some projects to check out: 


Hacking Sketch shows you how to learn how to use Sketch in under an hour.

Once you’ve mastered Sketch, here’s How to Build a UX Portfolio If You Have Never Worked in UX.

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