This Week in Mobile: Dealing With Storyboards and the Play Store Playbook

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This Week in Mobile: Dealing With Storyboards and the Play Store Playbook

Invaluable tips on how to manage unwieldy storyboards for large applications and your checklist to giving your app the best chance possible on the Google Play store.

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If you've been grasping onto Swift 2.3 it might be time to think about moving onto Swift 3.0. The latest beta of Xcode 8.2 states that it is the last version that will support old Swift.


Start off with this excellent compilation of 39  Open Source Swift UI Libraries. A lot of the libraries you'd expect, but there's bound to be a few you haven't heard of before.

Wondering if you should be using unowned or weak references in Swift? This article compares the difference between both in terms of lifetime and performance. 

 Swift: UserDefaults protocol explains the "diet core data" protocol that you now get with Swift. Worth a read. 

Storyboards are great... until they're not! Once your project gets bigger, storyboards get slow, and are messy to maintain with teams of more than one developer. Clean Code for Multiple Storyboards shows how you can around all of this, and make storyboards great again.

Some projects to check out: 

  • MMCardView: Custom CollectionView like the Wallet ap
  • formvalidator-swift: Validate inputs of text fields and text views in a convenient way 
  • brickkit-ios: A delightful layout library for iOS and tvOS
  • MarshalMarshaling the typeless wild west of [String: Any]


The Ultimate Pre-Release Checklist for Android App Success on the Play Store is a great resource that brings you through some essential sanity checks before unleashing your app on the world.

Not everyone gets the time to go to conferences, so when lists like 10ish Things I Learned At DroidCon UK are released, we all appreciate it!

Most developers who have tried out ConstraintLayout think it's the best. And it gets better! This article examples how ConstraintLayout Chains work.

Looking for Android developers worth following? Check out Mitch Pronschinskie's lists of 40 Leading Android Developers on Twitter.

Some projects to check out: 

  • EasyMVPA full-featured framework that allows building android applications following the principles of Clean Architecture
  • ChipsLayoutManager: Custom Recycler View's LayoutManager which moves item to the next line when no space left on the current
  • FastScrollA ListView-like FastScroller for Android’s RecyclerView.
  • dns66DNS-based Ad/Host Blocker for Android


Google have put together a suite of tools and open source projects for Material Design. Read more in Design is Never Done.

Looking for a benchmark of some of the best examples of UX design? Check out The Most Well-Designed Apps of 2016.

Stop Making Me Sign Up! explains why asking users to sign up at the beginning ends up turning a lot of potential customers away. 

Finally, if you want to make great app store screenshots, look no further than this 100% free App Screenshot Maker.

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