This Week in Mobile: Views at 60FPS and On-the-fly App Updates

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This Week in Mobile: Views at 60FPS and On-the-fly App Updates

It's amazing how much you can push the performance of your app. This edition has lots of links to help you along the way.

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Ever thought about 60FPS on your app? We've got articles on the topic for both Android and iOS developers this week. Along with lots more optimization tips, and a bunch of links that will help you do so much better with UX design. 


Firebase is one of those things you really should look into if you're an Android or an iOS developer. In Exploring Firebase on Android & iOS: Remote Config you'll see how you can change the look and feel of your app without republishing to the app store!

Are you like me, and always defaulting to HashMaps for key->value stores? Turns out there's a more efficient way with Android App Optimization using ArrayMap and SparseArray

Still on the theme of performance improvements, here are some tips from the team at Workable on how they managed to get 60 FPS in their RecyclerViews.

Want to get rid of boring code in your app? Read No more value classes boilerplate: The Power of AutoValue.

See what one team learned in their process of abandoning the burger menu and using the bottom navigation in Bye, Bye Burger! 

Some projects worth checking:

  • DiagonalLayoutWith Diagonal Layout explore new styles and approaches on material design
  • AndroidUtilCode: Android developers should collect the following utils
  • ShareButtonA share button with smooth animation
  • FiftyShadesOfAn elegant context-care loading placeholder for Android


Dreams of being a game developer? Follow this SpriteKit Swift 3 Tutorial for Beginners.

Instagram are open sourcing IGListKit which powers how they consume data from the server and turn it into fast and flexible lists. 

More 60FPS action with Smooth Scrolling in Buffer: How (and Why) We Implemented AsyncDisplayKit.

A great two-piece article series on one developer's journey to the iMessage App store in How I Got My Stickers Published in 8 Days.

There's no doubt that a lot more can be done to engage your users with the Apple Watch. See how it's done in Driving User Engagement With WatchOS 3.

Some projects to look at: 

  •  Import: Xcode extension for adding imports from anywhere in the code
  • RevealingSplashViewA Splash view that animates and reveals its content, inspired by Twitter splash
  • Reactions: Fully customizable Facebook reactions control
  • RxKeyboard:Reactive Keyboard in iOS
  • DeviceKitDeviceKit is a value-type replacement of UIDevice


Making any of the 10 Modern Software Over-Engineering Mistakes is nothing to be ashamed of. Repeating them... well...

Here's an infographic to keep in mind: Your Customers Have 30 Needs. Are You Meeting Them?

One person's opinions on what not to do in Mobile UX Design. And here is Jared Spool on the same topic.

Pattern libraries are all the rage; here's how to take them to the next level.

Finally, follow this new collection of videos, articles, and resources from the designers at Facebook.

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