This Week In Mobile: Securing App Data

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This Week In Mobile: Securing App Data

The common theme this week in securing your data, whether in Android or iOS. Plus, lots more projects and series on mobile development!

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Have you pre-ordered your iPhone X? Are you disillusioned with the Pixel 2? Or do you just want to get down to the nitty-gritty of things? This is the place for you.


Secure Data in Android - Encryption is the start of a new series covering all the security aspects that you need to know for your app development. One to follow!

Package-by-Feature in Modularised Android Projects shows how to go about implementing a clean architecture for your Android project. 

If you’ve been reluctant to get into it, it’s worth reading The Missing RxJava 2 Guide to Supercharge Your Android Development.

There’s no better way to learn how to build apps than to imitate your favorites. This article on Building a Shazam Clone is an excellent example of this.

Some projects to check out: 

  • LongShadow: Add a long shadow on any Android view. 
  • NullAway: A tool to help eliminate NullPointerExceptions in your Java code with low build time overhead. 


13th most popular language for pull requests on GitHub, 11th in Stack Overflow questions. Read these facts and more about What Stats and Surveys are Saying About Swift in 2017

Cracking the Tests for Core Data shows you how to get going with a Core Data Stack and then build up some tests, both synchronous and asynchronous. 

Capturing Objects in Swift Closures takes a dive into closure blocks and how to avoid capturing automatically. 

Xcode Tips and Tricks to Work With Images illustrates some great productivity tips for image work in Xcode. There’s a longer list as part of a Udemy course if these grab your attention. 

How to Use iOS Data Protection shows how you can protect your app’s files

Some projects to check out: 

  • Cards: Awesome iOS 11 AppStore cards in Swift 4.
  • Default: Moder interface to UserDefaults + Codeable support. 


While the software development world couldn’t function without version control, designers still revert to old ways. Here’s how you can go about effectively Managing Design Files Within Teams.

For something completely different, why not grab a coffee and read The Inside Story of the Xbox One X.

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