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This Week in Mobile - Swift 3.0, RxJava2, and Android Leaks

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This Week in Mobile - Swift 3.0, RxJava2, and Android Leaks

Swift 3.0 is now released into the wild, we've got lots of tips on leaks in Android apps and the usual mix of articles, tutorials, and projects.

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With the iOS 10 release out of the way, we can get back to focussing on some real coding issues. This week we've got some preview news for RxJava2, tips around leaks in your Android apps and some great open source apps for your to reference for your Android development. 

On the iOS side, there's a video about the new notifications API in iOS 10, the listing of the Swift 3.0 release, important tips on getting your app ready for extensions and lots more.


RxJava fans will be happy to hear that there's an early preview available of RxJava2. Get an overview of all the upcoming changes and be ready to adopt it.

Square have put together an analysis of another common Android programming issue in Android Leak Patterns: Subscriptions in Views. Here they talk about listening for changes in an object that no longer lives in a particular view.

Speaking of leaks, check out this list of Eight Ways Your Android App Can Leak Memory

Want to leverage Gradle to make your life as an Android developer easier? Then follow the nine tips listed in Make Your build.gradle great again.

Take a look at the code behind the seven apps listed in Amazing Open Source Android Apps and you're bound to pick up some neat UI tricks and some best practices that you hadn't considered. 

Some projects worth checking out:

  •  StylishMusicPlayer: A stylish music player for Android device 16+
  • AndroidAudioConverter: Convert audio files inside your Android app easily. Supported formats: AAC, MP3, M4A, WMA, WAV and FLAC
  • GoogleClock: Imitation of the Google clock from I/O 2106 in SVG


Swift 3.0 is now released. Check out the list of major additions, and the first release of the Swift Package Manager.

The notification system in iOS 10 is so much better than was previously available. This talk on Pushing The Envelope with iOS 10  Notifications will get you up to speed in no time. 

You might be eager to use some of the new extensions for SiriKit or iMessage in iOS 10. Before you do, read Preparing Your iOS App for Extensions.

Xcode: A Better Way to Deal With Storyboards gives you a set of best practices for using storyboards to develop your app.

Doing location management well in apps is difficult, so it's worth taking advice from those that have been there before. This article deals with background tracking, accuracy and battery consumption.

Are your View Controllers getting unwieldly? Taming the Massive Controllers in iOS seems like a series that will help you get them under control.

If you're still between Swift and Objective-C as your language of choice, check out what the team at Tubik think.

Some projects to check out: 

  • 10ClockThis Control is a beautiful time-of-day picker heavily inspired by the iOS 10 "Bedtime" timer
  • xTextHandlerXcode Source Editor Extension Tools (Xcode 8 Plugins)
  • StatusProviderProtocol to handle initial Loadings, Empty Views, and Error Handling in a ViewController and views


TrueTime is an NTP library for both Android and iOS, which will help you create apps that use the client timestamp for all your calls; especially useful in offline-first apps.

Here are 22 Things That Will Help You Become A Better Designer.

Chat Bots Aren't A Fad. They're a Revolution.  Not sure if I agree, but it's worth considering!

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