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This Week in Mobile: Swift API Guidelines and Making Your Android App Reactive

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This Week in Mobile: Swift API Guidelines and Making Your Android App Reactive

This week we cover Swift API Design Guidelines, using Swift 2 in Xcode8 and making your Android app fit in with RxJava.

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This week saw the launch of the new iPhone 7 with it's magical wireless Airpods. If you haven't got your app ready for iOS10 yet, at least you still have time; it goes live on September 13th.


During WWDC this year, Apple had a talk about Swift API Design Guidelines. It's well worth watching, but just in case you don't think you have the time, here are some highlights

Ash Furrow discusses how you can Build Swift Playground Books for use in the new playground app. 

A simple but essential tip as we all upgrade; How to Use Swift 2 in Xcode 8.

Ever have trouble understanding auto layout constraints? There's a series for that!

One of the things I loved about JavaScript programming was using promises. Exploring Promises in Swift shows how you can use PromiseKit to achieve similar results. 

Some projects to look at this week:

  • View2ViewTransition:Custom interactive view controller transition from one view to another view
  • Kearu: Switch ViewControllers in your NavigationController using a UI just like the iOS task manager 
  • StatusProviderProtocol to handle initial Loadings, Empty Views, and Error Handling in a ViewController & views
  • AudioKit: Open-source audio synthesis, processing & analysis platform


You'll want to bookmark this cheat sheet for the different scale types available for Android's ImageView.

If you've bought into reactive programming, there might still be some code that you use that doesn't adhere to the model. This article guides you in converting callback async calls to RxJava.

Update Dependencies. Code. Repeat. shows how you can use variables in Gradle to get rid of tedious dependency management work. 

The best way to learn is from the misadventures of others; so grab a coffee and read What 2 Years of Android Development Have Taught Me The Hard Way

The projects that you'll want to check out this week: 

  • ColorfulNews: A news-reading App (MVP+Dagger2+RxJava+Retrofit2+Material Design)
  • Amigo: A hotfix library for Android 
  • loaderviewlibraryLibrary that enables TextView of ImageView to show loading animation while waiting for the text and image get loaded


Evolving App Store Business Models looks at how ads now make up the most of the revenue for one indie developer; 80% of the revenue is on ads now, versus 10% of revenue being from ads in 2012. 

Color means a lot; The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding shows how deep this goes. 

The Future of Growing Startups explores how the role of the growth hacker is superseding that of the normal market team.

Looking for a job? Check out You in 6 seconds; how to write a résumé that employers will actually read. The best quote: "It goes without saying that your résumé should only be one page long. If Elon Musk’s résumé can fit onto one page, yours can."

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