This Week in Mobile (Sep. 4)

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This Week in Mobile (Sep. 4)

Some little snippets of news and advice around iOS and Android app development.

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So there's just one more week to wait before we start talking about a new iPhone, xCode7's official release and more (hopefully). There's lot more going on this week though.


In Comparing Design Flows for iOS and Android Apps the Fluid UI team highlight how designing for iOS has changed over time. With fragementation prevalent on both platforms, it gets more difficult every year.

Design the Beginning is an excellent piece which highlights how we typically start designing in the middle, rather than starting with the marketing page. 


Do not let your users see spinners outlines some techniques that you can use to avoid having spinners appear for all long running tasks, making interaction seem instantaneous for the user.

The Weak, the Strong and the Unowned - Memory Management in Swift is a great talk about how to avoid leaky Swift apps

When to Avoid Libraries discusses the dangers behind adding a new library into your app.

How I Increased Lonely Planet's In-App Purchase Revenue by 30% is an interesting case study, and a classic example of how presenting choices in a particular way can influence your customer's choices.

Getting Data to Your WatchOS 2 App will help you understand how to keep all your data in sync between your phone and watch apps.

Some projects that I liked this week 

  • Butterfly is a lightweight library for integrating feedback from users on bugs in your app.

  • LiquidFloatingActionButton is a Material Design floating action button in liquid state, like what you see in Google's Inbox app 

  • TKSubmitTransition shows an animated button and a really nice transition when the button is clicked.

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Debugging Android Apps with Facebook's Stetho shows how you can utilize Facebook's open source debugging platform for your finding issues in your Android app. It's got a bit to go yet, but it looks promising.

The fact that Android Wear now works with iPhones is pretty good new for owners for iPhone 5+ who are not taken by Apple Watch.

Hot on the heels of Apple's September event, it looks like Google might be running a Nexus event on Sept 29

Some projects that caught my attention this week 


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