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This Week in OpenStack

From the largest scale to the smallest, advice from real deployments in This Week in OpenStack.

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LivePerson's OpenStack deployment is 20,000 virtual cores. Getting the team organized was more challenging than getting the machines organized.

CERN runs one of the largest OpenStack clouds in existence. They built a Kubernetes service handling 2 million requests a second, just for the sake of scale testing.

At the other end of the scale, Puppet threw together a small OpenStack installation for a research project, then wrote up some tips.

How To

Sumeet Singh reminds us that there's more to optimization than just CPU. Memory and other kinds of contention matter too.

Jason Baker has pulled together five new OpenStack tutorials.


There comes a time in every large-scale program when people start writing their own custom tools rather than using the ones everyone else uses. Like Zuul, an OpenStack project to automate code building, testing, and merging.

Mirantis embraces being a services company.

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