This Week in OpenStack: Learning, Monitoring, and Porting

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This Week in OpenStack: Learning, Monitoring, and Porting

From Europe to Australia, from getting started to running at scale, there are lots of tips and tricks this week in OpenStack.

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OpenStack News

There's still time to submit a proposal for the OpenStack Summit. Improve your chances of getting selected.

The OpenStack port to Python 3 will probably land in Ocata.

There was lots of Down Under interest at the first OpenStack Australia Day.

OpenStack Examples

FIWARE runs an OpenStack cloud across 15 regions in Europe. Their monitoring architecture has a lot of lessons learned for users with growing OpenStack clouds.

The EC2 API is now a separate project. Here's how CERN got started with it.

OpenStack Tips and Tools

OpenStack has a steep learning curve. This article is designed to get you started from the very beginning.

Debugging software defined networks can be the hardest part of an OpenStack deployment. The Skydive plugin for devstack is designed to help.

There are lots of good OpenStack security tips to be had from part two of Stratoscale's security tutorial.

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