This Week in Security: Amazon, Apple vs FBI, Guccifer, Cerber, Acrobat, Chrome

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This Week in Security: Amazon, Apple vs FBI, Guccifer, Cerber, Acrobat, Chrome

Check out the latest security happenings! This week we'll focus on Apple vs. the FBI, Romanian hacker Guccifer, and Amazon removing Kindle Fire encryption.

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Amazon having earlier in the week decided to remove encryption from all of its Kindle Fire devices seems to have had a change of heart. Perhaps all the recent Apple discussions have had some influence here, seems like encryption is a pretty hot topic in the last couple of weeks.

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Apple vs. FBI

Apple and the FBI seem to be heading for the ring to slug it out. There doesn't appear to be a compromise and the debate is probably going to go on for some time while a precedent is set. On the one hand, it's our privacy and our security on the line, on the other it's our privacy and our security on the line.

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Romanian hacker Guccifer to be extradited to the US for having hacked the email accounts of a few public figures (Bush family members, Colin Powell and a few others). He claims to have guessed their security questions to gain access to their passwords. Hi-tech stuff.

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Most Innovative and Damaging Hacks of 2015

An interesting report detailing some of the new techniques being employed by the attackers this year as well as detailing the most devastating attacks.

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Cerber Ransomware

The new ransomware Cerber that talks to its victims to let them know it's just encrypted their files, its a bit like a gentleman burglar personalizing the experience of being robbed.

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Adobe Acrobat

Adobe has announced that it will release some security patches for Acrobat this week. The exact nature of the vulnerabilities is not disclosed but they are rated critical.

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Password Report

We all see the detectives on the television trying the name of the suspects dog as the password to access their computer but the reality is that this would be a secure password compared to the most common ones. The report by Rapid7 is really quite frightening but also quite entertaining.

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Google Chrome 49

Google release Chrome 49 with 26 Security fixes this week for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Two of the fixes were related to same-origin bypass flaws. 

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