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This Week in Security: MS Fixes, libpng, Anonymous, WAAR, CISA, and Adobe

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This Week in Security: MS Fixes, libpng, Anonymous, WAAR, CISA, and Adobe

Six quick-hit pieces of security news from the week. Some might affect you.

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Microsoft Vulnerability Fixes 

Microsoft have released 49 fixes of which 30 were for critical vulnerabilities

You can read the Microsoft bulletin here


Virtually all libpng versions through 1.6.18, 1.5.23, 1.4.16, 1.2.53, and 1.0.63 had memory vulnerabilities which have been fixed in versions 1.6.19, 1.5.24, 1.4.17, 1.2.54, and 1.0.64

You can read more here

Anonymous Hackers Declare War on IS

Anonymous declared war on IS in a video they posted on YouTube

Anonymous Video

IMPERVA 2015 Web Application Attack Report (WAAR)

In the findings it states that there have been significant increases in the number of malicious attacks and that the probable cause of this increase can be attributed to the increased availability of tools and faster hardware.

Click here to read the full report


An interesting article that explains why CISA will take away your privacy and not give you any improvement in security.

There’s reason to be concerned that CISA will sacrifice Americans’ privacy.

Adobe Coldfusion Hot-fixes

Adobe has release fixes for cross site scripting vulnerabilities in ColdFusion 10 and 11

Adobe Coldfusion Hot-fixes

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