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This Week in Security: Anonymous, Apple, Chrome, Java, Petya, Samba

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This Week in Security: Anonymous, Apple, Chrome, Java, Petya, Samba

Apple and Oracle Patches, PNG Trojans, IoT vulnerabilities, infrastructure attacks, and more.

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Apple have patched their operating systems for a cryptography vulnerability that would allow decryption of communications in the messages app.

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Oracle have advised that people should upgrade their JVM because of a flaw in Java when running within a browser. The flaw can be exploited via the network without the need for authentication. A user would have to visit a site that deliberately tries to exploit this flaw, which could cause unavailability, integrity issues or even confidentiality breaches. This is not an issue that affects server deployments.

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Trojan virus hidden in PNG files from Brazil

Kaspersky have discovered a PNG being used to conceal and deploy a trojan virus. This is not the first of its kind but seems is becoming more prolific. It uses a technique called RunPE which uses the function that loads the PNG into memory because it also is responsible for decryption and execution.

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Petya Ransomware

A new ransomware has popped up which now encrypts the entire contents of you hard disk by encrypting the master file table.

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Surveillance Cameras

A remote code execution vulnerability has been found in the firmware of surveillance cameras of 70 different vendors.

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Google Chrome Vulnerability Fixes

Google have fixed a number of vulnerabilities that include an out-of-bounds read in the V8 JavaScript engine, a buffer overflow in libANGLE, use-after-free in Navigation, use-after-free in Extensions as well as a series of other smaller issues.

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Anonymous targets ISIS after the Brussels attacks, shutting down their sites and stealing their bitcoins. They are also targeting presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz because they do not approve of their ideals.

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Water Treatment Plant Hacked

A water treatment plant has been hacked and the chemical treatment settings were altered in the drinking water treatment process. The incident was described in Verizon’s Data Breach Digest although the exact location where this occurred was not disclosed.

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Windows and Samba

A critical floor in the SMB protocol being called BadLock has been discovered although very little is currently known, the details will be disclosed on 12th of April and a patch will also be made available in April.

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