This Week in Spring: Kotlin, Apache Kafka, New Releases

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This Week in Spring: Kotlin, Apache Kafka, New Releases

A lot is happening in the world of Spring.

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Hi, Spring fans! It’s been quite a crazy week! I was in Spring I/O last week in Barcelona, Spain, and there was a deluge of interesting news to come out of the show! I loved the show — a sort of mini SpringOne — and am chomping at the bit to see what comes next. I’m now beginning a small tour starting in Zurich, Switzerland; then, I’m off to Paris, France, for the epic SpringOne Tour event there. Next, I’m off to Minsk, Belarus; then, I'm off again to Barcelona, Spain, for JBCN. And then, finally, I'm home for the middle school graduation of my kid at the end of the month. So much exciting stuff culminating in an even more exciting event, I can hardly stand it!

Anyway, we’ve got tons to get to today, so let’s!

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