This Week in Spring: TDD, FaaS, Reactor, and GDPR

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This Week in Spring: TDD, FaaS, Reactor, and GDPR

Another week, another list of links to the goings-on in the world of Spring! Get the latest news and tutorials that touch on TDD, Project Riff, Project Reactor, and GDPR.

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Hi, Spring fans! Whew! What a wild week it's been! I landed in Kiev, Ukraine, last Thursday to present at the epic JEEConf in beautiful Kiev. Then, this weekend it was off to Dublin, Ireland and Belfast, North Ireland, where I had the privilege of speaking to some of the amazing Pivotal customers (like Liberty). I concluded today here in Belfast and tomorrow it's off to bella Barcelona, Spain for the Spring I/O conference.

As usual, it's been a crazy awesome week in the Spring community so without further ado let's get to it!

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