This Week in Spring: Spring Cloud, Kafka, and More

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This Week in Spring: Spring Cloud, Kafka, and More

Get all caught up on the going-ons in Spring this week!

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Hi, Spring fans, and welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! This week, I’m in colorful Chicago, Illinois, and magnificent Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am so excited to be in both places. I’m in Chicago for the GOTO Chicago event, which is always fun, and I’m in Milwaukee for a meetup and, of course, to partake of local delicacies like Kopps, a Cousins sub, and a Spotted Cow beer. Life is great!

Did you see this epic image of the Chicago Lakeshore area I took the other day? Spring is truly in full swing! (I’ll ignore the buckets of rain that have been dumped on Chicago and Milwaukee just a day after that photo was taken…)

Anyway, we’ve got tons of stuff to get into, so let’s!

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