This Year in Mobile Development! Part 2

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This Year in Mobile Development! Part 2

Check out the year in mobile development, including 'Clash of Clans' commercials, app store optimization, and Microsoft bringing Android and iOS apps to Windows phones.

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Welcome to the second part of This Year in Mobile Development. This week’s blog section has tips on sharing and retention, app store optimization, and user acquisition. Read on to find out about the economics of app development, the value of testing and user experience lessons. You can’t miss it! 

Bengaluru students, the iOS9 announcement, and Android and iOS apps coming to Windows Phones dominate this week’s news section! Subscribe now to get all the latest mobile development news sent straight to your inbox. Every Friday from V-Play!

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Why Crossy Road Focused on Sharing and Retention, not UA and Monetization

This Week in Mobile Development!image via chartboost.com

Crossy Road was one of the most successful mobile games of the year and even managed to place inside the top 10 most downloaded apps in the world for a period. The key to its success was an emphasis on getting their players to share the game themselves, whilst maintaining their interest.

Detailed Guide On App Store Optimization

This Week in Mobile Development!image via shanebarker.com

App store optimization is an important consideration for every developer as it forms an essential part of any user acquisition strategy. This piece has some great info for app and game developers looking to make the most of their Google Play or App Store listing. It also does a great job of dispelling some common ASO myths.

Was the Clash of Clans Super Bowl Commercial About User Acquisition?

This Week in Mobile Development!

ˆThe Clash of Clans Super Bowl ad was a huge success and has been viewed 88 million times on YouTube. The advert starring Liam Neeson was estimated to cost Supercell $9 million, but it’s a small price to pay considering the lifetime value of a Clash of Clans player. Get the breakdown on how well Supercell did with one of the most watched ads of the year.

The Changing Economics of App Development

This Week in Mobile Development!image via hbr.org

The major app stores, like Google Play and the App Store, are the virtual marketplace for all mobile apps and games. As such, they also make up the economic hub for mobile development. With every developer competing for floor space and attention, get to grips with the core principle’s at play when looking for users and gain an edge over your competitors.

The Value of Testing in Mobile Game Development Process

This Week in Mobile Development!image via testdroid.com

An essential, yet often overlooked part of developing a mobile game is testing. Unfortunately, it gets forgotten about by developers that don’t see how to add value in spending time making sure their game is up to standard. Find out how to improve your game and make the most of your development time with this post.

Learn Mobile UX Lessons to Keep Your App From Sinking Like the Vasa Ship

This Week in Mobile Development!image via smashingmagazine.com

Something you won’t want to hear but shouldn’t ignore is the fact that 41% of apps don’t get used more than once. In order to avoid your app turning into another Vasa, a warship that sunk 1 mile into its maiden voyage, you need to create a fantastic user experience for people using your app for the first time. Find out how to achieve this with these simple lessons.


Inspired by PM, Bengaluru Schoolgirls Develop Mobile App; Bags $10,000

This Week in Mobile Development!

Following a government sponsored initiative, 5 students from Bengaluru, India has a huge success on their hands. The app that aims to reduce waste creation through recycling was granted $10,000 seed money from the Technovation Challenge, one of the longest standing innovation competitions in the world. Although Sellixo started as an Android-only app, the students plan to bring their app to other platforms too.

image via oneindia.com

Apple Announces iOS 9

This Week in Mobile Development!

2015 saw the release of iOS 9 for the iPhone as well as the release of the iPhone 6+. The OS update was announced in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference and released in September. The update brought a number of improvements for both the iPhone and iPad with a major benefit being the improvement of Siri with Proactive. Another new feature was the introduction of split-screen apps for the iPad.

image via techcrunch.com

Microsoft invites Android and iOS apps to join Windows 10

This Week in Mobile Development!

It’s been a year of big announcements for the Windows Phone with one of the most interesting being the improved capability to bring Android and iOS apps to Windows 10. Windows 10 also came to the Windows Phone as well as Desktop. Microsoft plans to bring Android and iOS apps to Windows phone by introducing sub-systems that work using C++ and Java.

image via endgadget.com

This Year in Mobile Development!

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