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This Year in Mobile: 10 Unmissable Libraries for Android Developers

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This Year in Mobile: 10 Unmissable Libraries for Android Developers

As we get to the end of the year, let's look back at the best libraries released for Android developers in 2016.

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This year Android developers were spoilt for choice; along with all the well-established libraries that have become a natural part of the developer toolkit, there was a huge number of great new releases. Here are just ten of those that were highlights in DZone's This Week in Mobile series. 


I've always admired the work that Airbnb does in their apps, whether on mobile or the web. They released Epoxy, a library for building complex screens in a RecyclerView. Using it, you will avoid a ton of boilerplate and be able to build screens with multiple view types. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

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There are so many common code snippets that we all look for, ending up searching StackOverflow for answers that might not be completely reliable. AndroidUtilCode is a collection of utilities that will help you avoid these searches, and continue focussed on the coding. There's a huge selection in here from encryption, file, conversion, image, and thread utilities. It's simple but essential library! 


If you like how CSS Flexbox works and want to achieve similar results on Android, FlexboxLayout is the library that you need in your project. If LinearLayout, RelativeLayout, and CoordinateLayout aren't giving you what you need, it's worth a look.

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BottomBar is a custom view component that mimics the Material Design bottom navigation pattern. It's already reached version 2.0 where the code is cleaner and has a pile of customization options. 

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If you have animations developed in AfterEffects, it can be arduous getting them working on your app in real code. Facebook have released KeyFrames which contains a script that extracts the animation data from the AE file, and then has a rendering library for Android and iOS. A genius idea. 

Infinite Cycle View Pager 

The infinite cycle view pager is impressive as it works with horizontal and vertical scrolling, and will remind you of the overflow effect made popular in iTunes.  

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There are so many ways to learn how to build a great app and put the right architecture in place. The best way is to learn from the leaders in the industry. Kickstarter open sourced their iOS and Android apps towards the end of 2016, showing the libraries they depend on, the additional libraries they created and the approaches they take in developing an app. 

Stylish Music Player 

If you want a nice user interface reference app that uses all the top libraries such as RxJava, Retrofit, Butterknife, and LiteOrm you should go straight to Stylish Music Player. It's fully functional and stands out as a great example app.

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Tinker is a hotfix solution library for Android with support for dex, library, and resource updates without needing to reinstall the APK. 

View Pager Cards

Inspired by Duolingo, this ViewPager extends the normal capabilities by allowing you to view one full card at the center and a section of the other cards to the left and right. There are smooth animations and shadows to make the transitions really stand out. 

Image titleWorking with iOS? We've compiled 2016's top 10 list here.

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