ThoughtWorks and Tasktop join to integrate with Eclipse

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ThoughtWorks and Tasktop join to integrate with Eclipse

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ThoughtWorks Studios and Tasktop Technologies announced the ThoughtWorks Adaptive ALM Connector. Set for release with Tasktop Pro in October, the connector will help streamline software development by providing direct access to ThoughtWorks Studios' products from within the Eclipse IDE.

The ThoughtWorks Adaptive ALM Connector integrates Mylyn's task-focused productivity technology to provide development teams with the most relevant source code for a given task. It will help reduce information overload for large-scale development projects and facilitate more collaborative multitasking. With the connector, ThoughtWorks Studios customers will improve productivity by eliminating the need to toggle between the browser, email and IDE to gather information necessary to complete application development tasks.


"The software development tools for ALM deployed in most organizations are heterogeneous due to the presence of legacy systems, new agile tools and a variety of methodologies in play.   ThoughtWorks Studios' new Adaptive ALM is all about flexibility and supporting constant change. With first-rate Eclipse IDE integration, developers will benefit from the additional flexibility afforded by joining the rapidly growing ecosystem of interoperable connectors built on the Mylyn framework. This network of integrations will enable capabilities such as cross-linking Mingle cards with popular SCM tools. Through Tasktop Pro, developers will also benefit from automated time tracking and integrated access to email clients, web browsers, calendars and documents.” - Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop Technologies

ThoughtWorks Studios now offers a complete set of tools and training for Agile ALM programs. Its Adaptive ALM integrates its three flagship products, Mingle (project management), Twist (test automation) and Cruise (release management) to support all aspects of the software development and delivery lifecycle, from requirements definition and portfolio management to test automation, quality assurance and release management. Its new ThoughtWorks Agile Workshops, announced yesterday here at Agile 2009, complements its solution offering with a new set of training programs to help development organizations adopt proven best practices for all aspects of Agile ALM.

"Our mission is to help organizations succeed with Agile-based development by addressing all aspects of Agile ALM, including integrated project management and engineering solutions, in-depth training and complementary tools like the Eclipse Mylyn ALM integration framework.   Our customers expressed strong interest in integrations with Eclipse and Mylyn, and we're excited to add the ThoughtWorks Adaptive ALM Connector to our offerings later in the Fall.” - Adam Monago, vice president, client services for ThoughtWorks Studios

The ThoughtWorks Adaptive ALM Connector will be bundled with Tasktop Pro for $149, and a free trial will be available from http://tasktop.com in October 2009. Eclipse Galileo (3.5) users also will be able to install it directly from Mylyn's Connector Discovery in Eclipse. For more information and to sign up to be notified of the release, visit http://tasktop.com/connectors/thoughtworks-studios.


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