Three App Ideas To Help Developers

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Three App Ideas To Help Developers

Three notions that I’ve had for apps that would make my developer life more of a first-world experience. You’re free to take these ideas!

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We all want to build the next great thing, but somedays you hit inventor’s block and can’t think of what to build. You spend you day looking at ProductHunt and shaking you first at the screen, claiming you thought of the idea first (you didn’t!). So here’s a few quick, frivolous app ideas that might get you onto the PH listings. No guarantees that they’ll make you a millionaire though! 

  • Spotify For Coding Cadence 
    The running feature of Spotify got a lot of attention on it’s announcement, and rightly so - it’s an app that reacts to your physical activity. What if Spotify (or some music app) tracked the speed of your typing/lines of code, and played music to keep you in the zone? Perhaps it recognises when you’re slipping out of the zone, and then repeats a song which you coded well to. 
  • TODO Scanner
    We’ve all been there right - at the end of the day, you’re rushing, you think of edge cases and add them as //TODO comments. The chances of coming back to them in the morning are 50/50 at best. 
  • This probably already exists, but I’d love an app that continuously scans a project to find all those TODOs that I forgot, and have them collected in a single ToDo app on my phone with timestamps and maybe even severity. While you’re building it, do a watch extension for it too :) 
  • Video Conferencing That Works 
    This is more of a business thing but I’ve had it with Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts and more. I hate the usual trading of “can you hear me, can you see me” which rises exponentially as people join up. Just wait until the crucial point and you know someone’s connection will drop.  
    So, I’m looking for something reliable, but maybe it could say “James can be heard and seen by everyone” or something. If you’ve found a reliable video conferencing application, please let me know. If you can build the gold-plated solution that avoids stuff like the video below, you’re onto a winner

Have you got any great ideas for apps that you’d like to share, and would love to see implemented? Share them in the comments section. 


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