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Three-Hundred Articles In The Zone

A Zone Leader recognizes this post will be his 300th article as a member of the DZone.com team.

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In November 2015, I had a conversation with a guy named Allen Coin (@Allen_Coin), which turned into a major milestone in my career as an Information Technology professional. Allen was the first to give me an empty and broad canvas to express my thoughts and opinions to an amazing audience of technology enthusiasts and professionals. On November 10, 2015, my first article "Into the Development Time Machine" was published on DZone.com.

At the time, I thought my article did quite well, reaching nearly 3,000 page views. It was far more than I had ever generated in my blog -> johnjvester.wordpress.com

I was truly grateful.

November 2015 to Now

Fast forward, four years and four months later and I am putting together my 300th article.  What a journey it has been so far!  I am so thankful for every managing editor and scores of editors who have made my ideas come to life - taking my ramblings in a Sublime or Atom text editor and making them look so much better!

At the 100th article mark, I created my first writer retrospective, which can be found here:

100 Articles in the Books: A Personal Retrospective

Then, in the 200th article, I took a similar approach:

Retro #2 — 200 Articles in the Zone

For this article, I wanted to pull in a screenshot from what I call my "Cheesy Angular App" that I created to keep track of my publications. (Keep in mind, I have three other pending articles, which should be published before this article goes live.)

John Vester Dzone profile

In the screenshot above, some basic statistics are presented, along with a summary of my articles from a portal (or zone) perspective. As a writer, to see 17.6 million page views with an average of nearly 60,000 page views per article is something that warms my heart!

Still...I am truly grateful!

The Last 100 Articles

In the past, I thought I would provide a summary of the top three articles, the bottom three articles and my favorite three articles (that you might have missed), since my 200th article retrospective.

The Top Three

Using page views as a metric, the top three original articles since August 29, 2018, have yielded a combined 377,000+ page views.  I am so grateful that these articles reached the level of popularity that they did.

  1. Introduction to Integration Patterns
  2. Primitives v Objects In Java
  3. FormBuilder in Angular 6

The Bottom Three

Conversely, these three articles only yielded 17,543 combined page views — reminding me that these articles were not of great interest to the DZone community.

  1. Fix the Switch!
  2. New Version of the Commission Report
  3. Git 2.23 Offers Significant Updates

My Favorite Three

As a contributor to DZone, there are some articles that I was excited to write about. Below, are my three favorites, for the last 100 articles I have published:

  1. New Application Journey
  2. It's 1810 A.D. — We're Going to the Moon!
  3. Three Things We Do In IT That Don't Match Reality


When I started planning this article about four weeks ago, the state of the world was different than it is today.  I would have never imagined the world that we are living in today — with COVID-19 having such an impact on every one of us.

Having been around for events like the Gulf War, the rise (and bust), plus worldwide recessions in 2001, 2003 and 2008, I recognize how impactful COVID-19 is on all of us. This situation has taken away the ability for us to gather as a community to help through this situation. Instead, we must cope with isolation.

My goal is to continue to press forward with topics that provide value and offer something to focus on, which is not related to our current worldwide situation. I pray for strength and a healthy resolution for us all.

As always...have a great day!

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