3 Levels of Network Monitoring for DevOps

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3 Levels of Network Monitoring for DevOps

An introduction to network monitoring and how it helps companies with their DevOps initiatives.

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Network communications are a top priority for DevOps teams working in support of modern globally-distributed systems and microservices. But basic network interface statistics like received and sent traffic aren’t as useful as they once were because multiple microservices may share the same network interface. For meaningful analysis, you need to dig deeper and correlate network-traffic metrics with individual processes. This is however just the beginning … In this article, I’ll show you how deep the network monitoring rabbit hole goes. The three levels of meaningful analysis that DevOps engineers have been waiting for are finally available.

Level 1: Host-based Monitoring

Level 1: Host-based monitoring

Level 2: Process-based Monitoring

Level 2: Process-based monitoring

Level 3: Communications-based Monitoring

Level 3: Communications-based monitoring

Interested? Read all details about the three levels of network monitoring.

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