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Three New Products Help Developers With PDFs

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Three New Products Help Developers With PDFs

New product allows devs to convert HTML and CSS into PDFs making burdensome PDFs more developer-friendly. Read on for more!

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pdfHTML to Convert HTML and CSS to PDF

An iText 7 add-on, pdfHTML is a premium upgrade to the previous XML Worker from iText 5. The new solution provides more functionality out of the box and easier extensibility and customization.

“HTML is ubiquitous. A lot of software already outputs HTML in one way or another, and most developers know at least the basics,” said Raf Hens, iText director of product management. “As such, pdfHTML is a convenient way to integrate PDF functionality, allowing developers to use existing HTML and CSS skills and resources to quickly create PDF documents.”

Developers in government, healthcare, insurance and financial industries need an attractive solution to reliably convert HTML content to PDF to comply with federal regulations and international standards. Leveraging the full power of the iText 7 platform, pdfHTML helps developers rest assured that their content is accurate and secure in PDF.

pdfHTML supports a wide array of HTML tags and CSS properties, handling Arabic, Indic, and other non-Latin scripts, as well as processing of responsive HTML by configuring media queries.

The iText 7 platform provides pdfHTML an extendable foundation well-suited for future updates or patches. The new tool is designed for immediate use with no customization or configuration necessary.

Simplified Data Extraction From PDFs

pdf2Data allows users to extract and access data from PDF documents, a process that until now could be extremely challenging. pdf2Data is the first third-party created add-on to the iText 7 platform.

“Pulling information from PDFs into a usable format no longer needs to be a cumbersome process with pdf2Data,” said Raf. “Once the user determines what information they need, pdf2Data has the ability to rapidly retrieve data from thousands of PDFs, streamlining critical document workflows such as invoicing and data conversion.

This addition to iText 7 allows users to unlock stored data in PDFs. Users select what information to pull from PDFs by defining the areas, fonts, patterns, or tables of interest. Then pdf2Data pulls the selected data out of PDF documents.

When integrated with pdfHTML and pdfInvoice, pdf2Data provides users a financial suite for invoicing and recordkeeping.

“iText7 helps developers looking to create add-ons, like pdf2Data, that benefit users and work on top of iText7’s extensible foundation,” said Hens. “We encourage the developer community to take advantage of this profit-sharing opportunity to strengthen iText with add-ons and gain broader exposure for their products.”

Developers Can Market Add-Ons to iText 7

The iText 7 Platform allows software developers to create add-ons, while iText provides international sales and marketing support. With this “outside-in” way of innovation, iText expands the functionality of its core iText 7 engine to respond to specific customer requirements. This relationship also provides the development community with revenue sharing opportunities and access to the commercial market.

“We’ve received countless requests for iText to build add-ons, but working alone we’re unable to keep up with the market demand,” said Raf. “Through this partner program, we engage the developer community from a strategic business level. Now, developers can build applications to meet the market’s needs, and we can provide the sales and marketing functions necessary to broadly distribute their iText 7 add-on.”

Dual Lab developed the first iText 7 Platform add-on, pdf2Data. This add-on enables users to programmatically extract data from PDFs.

“We are glad to partner with iText for distributing pdf2Data across the globe,” said Boris Doubrov, CEO and co-founder of Dual Lab. “This allows us to focus on what we do best – developing innovative software, while iText provides a recognized technology and has great experience in international marketing and sales. It’s a win-win.”

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