TIBCO Talks About Scribe Acquisition

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TIBCO Talks About Scribe Acquisition

A Zone Leader speaks with a C-level executive at TIBCO regarding the impact this transaction will have on both current and future Scribe customers.

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In June 2018, niche integration player, Scribe Software, was acquired by TIBCO Software, Inc.

My primary job responsibility resides at CleanSlate Technology Group — a consultancy which provides integration services. One of the solutions CleanSlate Technology Group focuses on is the product offerings by Scribe Software. As one might expect, the impact on this acquisition piqued my interest.

Later, in 2018, when IBM made the acquisition of Red Hat, I was able to interview TIBCO CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Murray Rode for DZone. The full article can be found here:

Red Hat Acquisition — TIBCO Interview

With the connection to TIBCO in place, I was able to reach out and speak with TIBCO COO (Chief Operating Officer) Matt Quinn regarding the Scribe Software acquisition.

John Vester: Thank you for taking the time to talk with me regarding the June 2018 acquisition of Scribe Software. My first question has to be... what was the driver behind acquiring the Scribe product?

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Matt Quinn: Great question, John. The need to integrate and connect systems, applications, and clouds is pervasive across all industries and across all types of companies ranging from the largest multinational corporation to the smallest corner store or home-based business. It is our goal at TIBCO to provide integration anywhere and everywhere it happens.

The addition of Scribe augments TIBCO Cloud Integration capabilities to better serve different personas in the enterprise, such as departmental business users, citizen integrators, and SaaS application administrators. These individuals are looking for a cost-efficient means to quickly connect or move data between applications.

I am also a fan of the TIBCO Mashery product, which has provided value for many of my API customers.  How can existing TIBCO customers (TIBCO Cloud Integration, TIBCO Mashery) benefit from Scribe now being a TIBCO product?

The combination of Scribe’s capabilities along with the existing SaaS and hybrid integration features of TIBCO Cloud Integration, enables our existing customers to employ a single solution to address a wide range of integration scenarios, including applications, databases, and API projects, to interconnect everything, whether in the cloud, on-premises, or on billions of edge devices.

How do you plan to leverage Scribe to gain new TIBCO customers?

With the addition of Scribe, we have expanded our reach to serve new market segments, including small to medium businesses looking for an easy way to connect their apps and data, independent SaaS software vendors (ISVs) looking to extend connectivity to their offerings, and specialized systems integrators who are helping their customers with digital transformation efforts.

Do you see this as an opportunity to gain market share over competitors (like Informatica) in the integration space?

There is a growing need in the market for digital businesses to quickly and easily connect their SaaS apps for better business performance. While we were already a leader in the integration space prior to the acquisition, the addition of Scribe has strengthened our position in the market to help organizations of any size interconnect everything in an easy and fast manner.

When working with customers, I have architected solutions using Scribe. One key driver to the Scribe solution is the very attractive price point. When news spread about Scribe becoming a TIBCO product, existing customers became worried about changes to their pricing structure. What impact will this have on the current (and very attractive) pricing model?

We have heard a good amount of positive feedback from partners and customers regarding the value of the product and how attractive and cost-effective the Scribe (and now TCI) pricing model is, especially when compared against some of the alternatives in the market. At TIBCO, we have other comparable offerings in analytics and data science that complement the Scribe offering. We fully intend to continue with that model and further improve on it. Our general philosophy as it relates to pricing is to be simple, transparent, and flexible to adapt to business needs and provide an easy way to try TCI capabilities for free. Another component that is equally as important to our pricing philosophy is building and maintaining the Scribe partner ecosystem. Scribe’s partners now have a larger opportunity to build solutions with an expanded platform and generate business value. We are looking forward to continuing this effort to assist Scribe’s partners in driving true innovation.

A majority of the implementations I have been involved with have utilized Scribe to connect to/from the Salesforce cloud products. How important is integration with Salesforce to TIBCO?

We are an independent and neutral vendor, and we take pride in putting customer needs first. Our joint customers have told us that Salesforce is an important part of their cloud application landscape and over the past decade and a half, both TIBCO and Scribe have built a lot of deep expertise in technologies, patterns, and best practices in the area of Salesforce integration. As cloud becomes more mainstream — and multi-cloud infrastructure and cloud-native app architectures become a strategic CIO priority — we see integration with Salesforce capabilities becoming even more business critical.

For instance, at our user conference in September, we launched TIBCO Cloud™ Integration for Salesforce — it is a native app built using Salesforce Lightning and leverages deep learning to connect and automatically map data for easy integration with other applications. This is in addition to current offerings in the Salesforce marketplace like TIBCO Scribe® Shadow and TIBCO Scribe® Scout.

It is also worth noting that Scribe has many customers that utilize the solution for integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is another widely adopted CRM application. Our agnostic approach enables us to serve both Salesforce and Microsoft customers with a best-of-breed solution.

Thank you so much for your time!

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